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pumpkinnose 07-26-2012 09:23 AM

trying to plan a 70 gallon for next year
Right now I have a 10 gallon with a pleco, 3 panda platies, and 3 sunburst red platies. My family is planning to move next year and I want to upgrade to a 70 for the sake of my pleco. I will also be moving the platies to it. Anyways I was thinking of adding 3 more platies, either the blue, bumble, or white mickey mouse ones, adding 5 marbled hatchetfish, and maybe 2 to 3 honey gourmi to the mix. They all look like the temps, ph, and hardness will work together. The thing is I wanted to add some cardinal tetras to the community but the hardness doesn't work well. I was also thinking if we didn't get the honey gourmi getting dwarf gourmi but saw that they carry a virus.

Is there anything else that maybe I should look at for adding to the tank or do I have a possible conflict with the fish I am already looking at.

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Allen5104 07-26-2012 10:04 AM

Im a newer aquarist, but from what I have read here from the more experienced people the first thing your going to need to do when you move to your new location is get your water parameters and post them before they can help you plan a setup and fish community. So I would hold off until the move takes place and just read on a variety of freshwater fish so that you have an idea of what fish you like and when someone gives you some ideas after the move you can go through and know I liked or wanted that type of fish in a community.

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