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mysticganja420 07-25-2012 10:11 PM

60g SA-Cichlid tank
So it's Finaly made it to the live stocking and i tell you what the fish could not be ore happy in there new home and out of the 20g they were waiting in! :P my current list of fish in there is,

1.)Jack Dempsey
2.) Two Convics(one will be going to a new home in a week)
3.)Pictus Catfish
4.)3 spot gourami
5.)Common Pleco
6.)dragon bichir

Im far from done adding hidding spots and so on but thought its a pretty neat start and so far LOVE the fish a bit different from my community tank :P But it's commign together, and become a very fun hobby for me and my daughter :)

Blackfeet 07-31-2012 04:28 AM

Love it!! I wanted to do cichlids for my daughter and myself as well. Couple questions: Are your rocks epoxied or siliconesd together? Cause if they fall they will hurt your fish. You can find epoxy for use in the aquarium that cures underwater too in most salt water fish stores. Are you plants real?
If you are up for a bit a project you can use free rocks from outside. I got a bunch off the side of the road. I let them soak in a saltwater (seawater strength) bath in last week out side in the sun. Then scrubbed them off with a wire brush and boiled them in another saltwater bath for 30 minutes rolling boil (note: seawater boils @ 220 F if I remember right. You only need to sit in 180 F for 5 minutes to kill any bacteria and virus). I boiled for a long time in order to make sure that the heat penetrated to completely sanitize. Cost to me:20 gallons of water, a lots of salt, electricity to boil and time, benefit: approximately 30lbs of rocks

mysticganja420 07-31-2012 02:30 PM

Hehe u never thought of siliconing the rocks but is a very good idea! Yes the rocks I have I have gone an collected in my case I live in southern California not far from a mountain river so I have been doing lots of collecting from the streams when on walks with my daughter and mini dash hounds the most time consuming part is cleaning them :) yes the plants are real put them in when I was cycling the tank but don't plane on adding any more since the fish will just rip it out lol.

Since the video a friend of mine gave me some 4" PVC that I have cut into bidding spots And added into the tank when I get time maye take them out smear silicone on it and roll it in some old gravel I have And add it back in 3-5 days later to make sure it's all cured. I also got a baby blood parrot cichlid from a friend who is getting ready to move and just didn't want it so I took it in and so far is a nice looking fish and from what he told me came from a good lfs and the owner was strictly against dyeing.
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Blackfeet 08-01-2012 12:45 AM

Yes your fish being diggers is why I asked. However there are things you can do to protect them. Potting plants in a cichlids tank is highly recommended. Then use rocks to bury the pot. Down side is it takes a lot of sand to bury pots (you an find good ones at any hydroponic or pond store). Other than that there is that friends of mine who have some of the same fish said theirs not only dug pits in the substrate but also grabbed and proceeded to drag their plastic plants around the tank to their heart content. So you either need plants that can take that or will rip off and are fast growing or they will kill them off. In my opinion mosses are excellent for this cause when you use the plastic meshes to form to your desire and anchor them plus make green really cool caves. When your guys grab the plant they will rip off easily and not hurt the plant cause the body/majority of it is trapped between the 2 pieces of mesh. If your light is not strong enough the moss will grow slowly and less structured. A plus on the mosses is they don't need fertilizer in the substrate. Just in the water.

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