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smit3183 07-25-2012 06:06 PM

starting a 29 gallon cory only tank...
What would be my maximum amount of them without overstocking, albinos and bronze, tank will be planted.

Jester10 07-25-2012 06:58 PM

I would have to say 5 of each kind with out it being overly crowded. Being that they are only going to be seen on the bottom that leaves lots of empty space in the tank they aren't going to use. 10 may even be two many. That's just the opinion of some one with a little bit of experience.

Byron 07-26-2012 11:26 AM

You could go with a shallower tank--a 20g long is the same length (30 inches) as the 29g. But whichever, consider some upper fish. Corys on their own with no fish above them will feel isolated and insecure. The well-known principle applied to dwarf cichlids of having dither fish in the tank to relax the cichlids really applies to any fish. In their habitats, these fish live with other species and they expect this.

As for numbers, in a 30-inch tank I would aim for 12-15 corys. You may already know, but they need several of their own species; five of each species is ideal, but with so many corys you can mix species and have 3-5 of each. I wouldn't go less than 3 of each species unless this can't be avoided [store only having 1 or 2, etc]. There are over 150 described species now, and more awaiting description, so plenty to choose from. Several species are in our profiles.


smit3183 07-26-2012 12:14 PM

Thanks Byron, maybe I'll add a school of 10 cherry barbs, I had wanted to do a cory only tank because the corys I have in my 55 get pushed around so much by my mollies and platys at feeding time, I know they get there share ,I just don't like seeing them pushed around for food that's specifically for them. I know with the cherry barbs that won't be a problem.

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