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fishluver06 01-12-2008 08:54 PM

New 57G tank
I'm getting a new about 57G tank soon and I was wondering what products or items do I need to get and which brands are the best quality to use. Also if I were to use sand what kind of sand should I use.

herefishy 01-12-2008 11:25 PM

Whoa here. First of all you will need to decide what type of fish you are going to keep. Tetras do not like the same biotope as Tangyikan dwarf cichlids. Is the tank going to be planted or unplanted? Blackwater or hard, alkaline water? From there, you will be able to make decisions on equipment, substrate, filtration, lighting, ect. Do not put the cart ahead of the horse.

Nanoguy 01-13-2008 12:06 AM

Absolutely agree with the above statement. As far as sand goes, pool filter sand is cheap and good looking. I bought 100 lbs. for my 120g oscar tank for about $14.

fishluver06 01-13-2008 12:57 AM

I was thinking some German Blue Rams some dwarf gouramis and some tetras not sure what kind yet and would it be ok with some angelfish.

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