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Mirta 01-12-2008 11:27 AM

problems with black neons
What diseases are typical for black neons? Can some enlargement on the body and inability to swim be the result of some bacterial infection? My tetras seem to be healthy, but I have found one guy entangled in the weed with a large bulb on one side. That side lost its black colour completely. :cry: I've put him into quarantine aquarium. He is lying on the side but breathing.

herefishy 01-12-2008 12:36 PM

I have had a few problems with tetras in general. It seems that they are susceptible to ich, bloat, tuberculosis, and swim bladder infections. I try to keep their tanks aroung 84-86 degrees F. I also dose rather frequently with StressCoat. All tetra tanks, are now blackwater biotopes with softer, more acidic water (pH is about 6.8 normally). Since I have gone to this type of set up, about a year ago, I haven't lost one tetra to disease.

Mirta 01-12-2008 01:00 PM

Thank you for the information!

I actually have the same temperature in my tanks with tetras. I think it may be the fluctuation in ph or other water param-s that affects my fish. I am a bit afraid to use water conditioners. Do you think I should? I will check the water param-s tomorrow. My daughter is asleep and that tank is in her room.

What about compatibility? These black neons have very active silver tips and rummy noses as neighbours... :?

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