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tophat665 01-12-2008 10:20 AM

Love is in the air (water)
So I'm sitting here typing, and my 55 gallon Amazon tank, the catfish tank of sex, is just to my left. And the little devils are at it again! This after an ich outbreak successfully contained with only one casualty, while the water temperature is still a little elevated (78 instead of 75). The three male albino cories are mobbing one of the females, and I think I just saw a T formation.

Also, a couple of days ago, when the tank was still up around 82 degrees, I saw the Sterbas getting a little freaky (don't know if any eggs came of it, but they were exhibiting what I look at as mating behavior). I'm thinking about sticking a female and 3 males in a breeding tank this summer when I have trouble keeping the temp down to begin with and seeing what comes of it.

To top that off, I just saw my female Bristlenose checking out the male's crevice, and, after several days of taking station on the side of the driftwood tree, the male has again retreated to the gap under it for the last day or so, so I may be looking at my third batch of baby bristlenoses. (She's at it again!)

I'm a happy boy.

Amphitrite 01-12-2008 10:35 AM

That's fantastic news, and good luck with them tophat! My sterbai's spawn regularly - I have 3 males to one female so I think that would be a good ratio to go with. :D

tophat665 01-12-2008 10:47 AM

Yep, the albinos are definitely at it. They've spackled one corner of the tank, and I just watched all three males make perfect Tee's on the female, one right after the other. She's bopping around the tank with a purse full of eggs now, thinking about where to put them. OK, just dropped that batch on a leaf of Java Fern. And there's the Tee again, and she's made her purse. Nothing in it yet. The littlest male was trying to horn in on e action, but she wasn't having any. Guess that was a false start. She's got herself wedged in the corner now. Two males are trying to tee up, but no room to do it. Think she may be out of eggs for now.

Falina 01-12-2008 12:08 PM

Great news!

Will you raise the fry? I had this dilema (and have it frequently) with my cories when they spawn and I have nowhere to raise them. Leaving the eggs to be eaten has done the trick for me, although I have had 2 manage to survive and grow that way.

Post photos please, :), especially of the BNs, haven't seen baby BNs before.

tophat665 01-12-2008 01:00 PM

I'm going to let he cory eggs get eaten. Right now, my grow out tank has a dozen baby bristlenoses, the three smallest cories form the last batch (I have 10 of them in my 40, 5 of them in my 33, and I gave 5 away. The rest didn't make it. Need to do more frequent water changes, but they're such a pain in the fundament.) and a spawning of platies.

Once I get the bristlenoses up to an inch and a half, I am going to move 6 of them to the 40 until I can sex them, and bring the rest to my aquarium club auction.

Then I am going to take a crack at breeding the albinos again in the tank. Then the sterbaes, then the metaes, then Swordtails, guppies, convicts, and we'll see after that. (I'm trying for a breeder's award in my club.)

Photos Here. 7th post down.

tophat665 01-13-2008 10:42 AM

The cory eggs have come and gone - the tetras and snails and possibly the mama pleco, got them all overnight. It'll be at least a couple of days before I can expect to see any baby plecos if that is in fact what was going on. I'll see what I can do about pix if the occasion should arise.

Incidentally, I think I figured out why I have bottom feeders in good condition in that tank - it has a self sustaining population of blackworms in the substrate that the cories and plecos graze on. This all started from overfeeding blackworms in a 20 gallon tanks, and the substrate has just moved along from one tank to the other with the blackworms in it, even spending a couple days just moist in an unheated rubbermaid tub.

tophat665 01-13-2008 12:30 PM

Just did a water change and rearranged the rubble field I had (going to try and encourage some big sags I have at the back of the tank to grow some more, maybe put in some dwarf sags in the front.

The point of this post, however, is that the albinos are pooped from their sex-fest yesterday. Normally tossing in 15 gallons of cool water perks them right up (not too cool, mind you), but not this time.

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