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abbye 01-11-2008 02:37 PM

Colour of fry
Do fry all start off as transparent and colourless and develop colour later or are they born the colour they will be? If they do develop colour later, how long does it take before it shows? I have a variety of different coloured platy as well as one plain coloured 'blue' platy but the fry always seem to be very plain coloured, although I have recently found a few fry that show some colour.

fish_4_all 01-11-2008 02:43 PM

It takes about 4 weeks for all my sword fry to show their colors and then only a hint of the final color. At 6 weeks mine showed pretty much their final coloration just not as bright.

abbye 01-11-2008 04:37 PM

Thanks for your reply :D did most of your fry develop colour after that time or did most turn out to be just plain? I'm wondering how many of them will be colourful

fish_4_all 01-11-2008 10:04 PM

I rarely had a plain one. I had scarlet, sunset and a couple other colors of swords and never got what would be just a plain one.

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