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iamntbatman 01-11-2008 11:11 AM

Love is in the
It must be mating season! I just purchased a trio of Peppered Cory Cats three days ago, and already the big female is laying eggs all over my aquarium glass! Those eggs must be pretty tough, because my gouramis and Danios are trying to pick them off the glass to no avail.

I also think one of my Zebra Danios is pregnant! These guys really pig out at meal time and get some pretty puffed-out bellies, but the biggest one (my guess is a female) has a particularly giant belly today. We'll have to see!

Sorry, no pics as I don't have a camera on me.

bettababy 01-11-2008 01:26 PM

Congrats on the cory cats, but, are you sure the eggs belong to the cory? I have never heard of a cory laying eggs "on the glass". Corys tend to scatter eggs on the substrate.
As for danios, these also are egg laying (scattering) fishes, but in a community tank I wouldn't expect to see any fry. The females will still appear gravid, but if fertile eggs were to show up, the other fish would eat them quickly. If not mated, the female will simply absorb the eggs back into her body until next time.

Keep us posted on the cory eggs?

Falina 01-11-2008 05:04 PM

As far as I knew cories laid eggs mainly on the glass. Mine did, and the fry hatched and grew so I am certain that thy were cory eggs. When the eggs were laid and I did some research on them, most sources I found said that they generall lay eggs on the glass, on plants, ornaments etc. Mine have spawned a number of times now and so far the surfaces used have been the glass mainly, some on plants, and a small amount on the side of the filter.

I believe however, that there are a few species of cory that scatter their eggs. Peppered (paletus) are not one of them though.

iamntbatman 01-13-2008 08:25 PM

The eggs on the glass were definitely the Cory's, as I watched her lay them. I don't have another tank large enough to house all of the fish with the cories, so moving them was not an option. I also didn't want to risk moving the eggs as they seemed pretty well attached to the glass. I was hoping that a few eggs would last until hatching, but all of them have now been eaten.

My danio is looking a little less chubby than before, but I didn't see her laying any eggs. Either she layed them and they were quickly eaten, or they were re-absorbed.

Oh well...a breeding fish is a healthy fish, so at least I know I'm taking good care of them!

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