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joanne44picard 07-20-2012 01:27 PM

Is it Possible for Platy to give birth to 2 fry
I was watching her very closely and had put her in a breeder she had been there for 1 week so I let her out,,on Wednesday I was feeding the fish and found 2 fry hiding so I got the mother and put her back in the breeder, she stayed there all night and yesterday no new fry,,so is it possible that she had only 2, 30 gl tank
I have 2 Platy female, 2 guppy female 1 guppy male,3 corycatfish,3 Chinese shrimp, 2 sucker fish , I had removed all the rocks on bottom cause of ich so I could vacuum better, I am very new at live bearers so any help I would appreciate

Chesh 07-20-2012 09:53 PM

Yup! It is perfectly normal for them to have any number of fry in a brood! Many factors can influence this, from age, previous broods, stress, etc. Live-bearers can also have a fry or several over the course of many days - or change their minds at the last minute and decide not to have any. It is possible that she had more and they didn't make it, or that she decided to abort when she was put in the breeder - this can happen, I find that it's better to put the female into a smaller tank, or put up a divider, if possible. They really don't appreciate being confined like that, it seems.

Never fear! Just because this batch didn't make it, doesn't mean there won't be more! Platy can store sperm from a previous mating for quite some time, so chances are in your favor that she (or her friend) are cooking up a new batch of babies for you right now :)

Good luck!

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