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LyzzaRyzz 07-19-2012 09:59 PM

Upper tank group fish for a 45 gal...
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My 45 gal stocking list is as follows, 9 guppies, and fry [about 30? am removing more every day to fry tank] will be 7 cherries[they are in QT], and hope to add 6 more to their group.
Im looking for ideas for a small group of fish for the upper regions of my tank. The barbs will be the bottom-ish fish, my gups go whereever they please, and so my tank is a little bare at the top. Im hoping for a group of 5-6 to start, though after they are settled, will most likely add more to their group.

I am currently growing out parrots feather in my qt, so i can have plants from the top to the bottom. I have low light, with a single 3 ft 6500k t8 bulb, so most plants at the substrate wont grow the way i like.

Im looking for a bit of color, maybe cardinals? or rummy nose? Id like a species that probably wont eat the fry. Though, its not necessary! I have alot of floating plants,[alot more than the picture shows] so fry can take refuge there. If not, i guess i dont have fry!

My tank is currently at 78 degrees, at 1-2dGH, 6.4 ph.

Yes, i know cherry barbs may nip at fins, but none of my gups are long finned [i think they look wierd], and ive gotten advice that the bigger the group the less they nip, and my gups are pretty active, so i dont think there will be a problem. And if there is a problem, my lfs will always trade me for a different kind of fish.

LyzzaRyzz 07-20-2012 01:56 AM

Or, even a slightly larger single fish would serve my purpose...
Perhaps a gourami?

Geomancer 07-20-2012 09:02 AM

At 1-2 dGH I'm afraid your guppies are not going to live well, they require at least moderate hard water (9 dGH minimum) and prefer a basic pH. This goes for all livebearers.

For softwater fish, a peacful 'upper' fish is hatchetfish. There is the plain silver variety you can find everywhere, but there are also slightly smaller ones out there like Marble Hatchetfish.

Guppies should not be placed with Gourami.

LyzzaRyzz 07-20-2012 02:03 PM

I found out about the hardness issue after I'd already had them for a while. I was under the impression I had super hard water!
They don't show any signs of stress, and are locally bred, so hopefully they last. I know internally, they could be being harmed, but I tried to return them, but the store I got them from refused, and my other store only takes back fish they sold. And I can't bear to bring them to petsmart/petco.

What is the reason giuramis and guppies don't mix? Besides the water hardness issue?
Are there any single fish that would go well? My gups don't have long tails.

Geomancer 07-20-2012 07:35 PM

It says in the profiles here:


As these are relatively peaceful, they should not be mixed with boisterous and fin nipping species, not even other long-finned species who will perceive them as rivals especially betta and gourami.
You can read more by clicking on the name: Guppy

nawilson89 07-20-2012 08:51 PM


Originally Posted by Geomancer (Post 1163562)
Guppies should not be placed with Gourami.

What about Sparkling Gourami. They seem pretty peaceful.

LyzzaRyzz 07-20-2012 10:59 PM

Ha! Got me there! I hadnt read the guppy profile in a while, though i have read it many times!

Im kind of iffy about gouramis anyways, since ive been told that more often than not, they are carrying some parasite of sickness.

I read the hatchet fish profile [which ive never read, since its care is moderate, and ive only looked at easy!] and i think theyll be out, since i do not have a hood, only a strip fixture. Last thing i need if my dog eating my fish as they flop around!

I was thinking maybe cardinal tetras? I like the idea of blue flashing, since i have the cherry barbs that are red. Though it says most are wild caught?! Im not sure im ready for that..=/ Im really nervous about trying harder species..

Any other species you can reccomend?

I am thinking of trying to get my water harder...Im really nervous about that too, sinve ive never messed with the actual water before.

fish monger 07-21-2012 08:49 AM

Tetras are really more middle range. Just about any fish that inhabits the top is likely to be a jumper. Why not get a piece of plexiglass to fit your tank leaving room for the filter, etc.

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