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Allen5104 07-19-2012 09:16 PM

Hello, new to the hobby

Would like to take the time to say hello to the community and hope that this will lead to growth and knowledge of maintaining a successful tank. I began in February of this year when my kids asked about fish because they had some at the daycare my wife works at. Well 6 months later Dad has become hooked on the hobby and enjoy the care and display that a fish tank offers. My wife often teases now that whenever something comes for the tank its not for the kids its for dad.

Being new I made many mistakes along the way when i first started. Over populating early on and not allowing a biological filter to establish. I think I put 6 fish in 24 hours after i had it set up. Yes some died and I was extremely disappointed in myself for making that mistake. Also had trouble maintaining ammonia levels and PH early on. I still notice a dip on the acidic side, today my water came in at 6.4.

I am running a freshwater tank 29 gallon. Its your basic starter kit that came with filter, light, tank, and thermostat, that you would pick up at a local petshop.

I try to avoid chemicals at all cost and hope that you can maintain a good biological environment without them. Any information is greatly appriciated it is why I joined this forum and site is for the community who also share the interest, and to learn and grow myself.

I also am going to be looking to upgrade to a much bigger tank within the next year, I want to make sure I do it right and appearance is everything to me. Would love any ideas, what to look for, set up styles and equipment that is a must to run a great tank. I would like to venture into a 125-200 gallon setup. Still up in the air on freshwater or saltwater. As I am just getting the hang of freshwater to venture into a new animal in salt water maintenance. However the saltwater side have the types of fish and overall look I would love to display in our family room.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I look forward to all advice, information and knowledge that experienced people out there have on maintenance, purchasing, and building a great setup.

Take Care

Bacon Is Good 07-19-2012 09:20 PM

Welcome... Upgrade Already? You have a bad case of fishtank fever.

If you want Color and freshwater go with cichlids not as bright but still amazing

Allen5104 07-19-2012 09:34 PM

It is probably partial fever, I do enjoy the hobby, but I also really was never satisfied with only getting a 29 gallon but it was for my kids, now the whole family enjoys the fish and I found that I really do enjoy the hobby to so I would like to put together a nice setup in our family room. We will see how it goes within the next year, right now I would just like to research and learn as much as I can on saltwater, and freshwater, also learn as much as I can about a appealing setup that meets the eye but doesnt cost thousands of dollars.

I will keep the cichlids in mind. I have looked at them a few times but with my community I could not get them as I read they like a different PH level from a tropical community tank setup, and can have aggressive tendancies.

Varkolak 07-19-2012 11:58 PM

Where in ohio are you? If your near troy I know a guy who can give you a great deal on used aquariums and filters. I bought my 90gallon off him and the stand for my 150 as well as several canister filters, he also breeds angelfish and keeps discus.

I really like freshwater aquariums so that's where my vote is and there is a large price difference between a big freshwater tank and salt. If your near Columbus at any point try to head to aquarium adventure, they have a massive selection to look through but their prices are a little high on equipment. Also gerber saltwater emporium in dayton is a wholesaler with some interesting fresh and salt fish you don't see often. When I was there they had a pair of freshwater stingrays for sale as well as some other great fish.

Welcome to TFK =P

Allen5104 07-20-2012 04:25 AM


I am up in findlay about 1.5 hours from dayton. I have a feeling I know the location of the troy site, Aquatic Specialists by chance the name of the place?

Romad 07-20-2012 06:06 AM

Hi Allen :wave:

Welcome to the forum. I see you've been bitten by the bigger and better bug :) It happens to a lot of us here. Whichever way you decide to go, a tank that size will be amazing. Your water ph and hardness will help determine which type of fish in either category will thrive in your parameters.

There is everything you need to know and more here on the forum. Happy researching to you.

fish monger 07-20-2012 07:31 AM

Some of the saltwater fish and other creatures are really amazing in their appearance and behavior; however, it's a pricey proposition to create a large natural looking environment. The reason I prefer freshwater is that I love live aquatic plants and the look and benefits they provide for the fish. Both saltwater and freshwater require due diligence; however, saltwater requires more intervention to keep the tank healthy. In the end, it's all a matter of taste, energy, and resources. Have fun and welcome to the community.

sidluckman 07-20-2012 10:25 AM

I agree. I find ordinary livebearers as fascinating as marine angels. The challenge is to remain fascinated with the beautiful things we are able to "keep" even after they become familiar to us. I think part of this hobby is about learning all the details and knowing what to do. But equally important is learning to be a great observer, a passive receptive witness to what we own. If we can do this, just seeing our aquariums will inspire us without requiring that we continue to acquire each "new" fish or obtain bigger tanks.

Varkolak 07-20-2012 12:58 PM

Na this isn't a store its just a guy who buys used equipment and resells, if you check craigslist and type in aquarium troy he will have 5-10 posts up. I went to that place in troy and its alright but I didn't find anything i wanted there but if your looking for saltwater its worth stopping in

Allen5104 07-20-2012 02:56 PM


I seen the craigslist posts, my dad usually watches his sales as he is also probably going to get back into owning an aquarium, he sold his 75 gallon tank when him and mom moved into their new home.

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