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grannyfish 07-19-2012 01:17 PM

Lighting for 10 gal. with plants - HELP!
Wow, one thing just leads me to another quandary with setting up a little 10 gallon tank! I have set up a marineland 10 gal. kit setup with an LED light that is obviously not very bright.

I have put in Java ferns, Anubia and cryptos, wisteria, and am floating a little water sprite and hornwort.

Will I need to get a different hood and light setup to keep these plants alive, and if so, what? Maybe a Versa hood and then what light fixture?

Aqua Jon 07-25-2012 10:34 PM

In general the finer leaved plants require more light and cleaner conditions. The Java fern and anubia are low light plants and will do well as you have it now. I have a variety of cryptos in my tank (also 10g) with about 15w overhead. I've found most do fine as long as you feed their roots.

You can expect the wisteria leaves to broaden up and grow closer to the light as leaves lower on the stem die off unable to receive adequate light. It is not worth pumping liquid fertilization to feed them if there isnt enough light for them to use. Trust me, it leads to algae :P Hornwort as done well in my 10g, but I've had to remove it due to hair algae issues. Water sprite will not only love being the first plant for light to hit, but it can shade the java and anubia so they dont "burn" or over stress due to too much light.

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