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Geomancer 07-19-2012 07:14 AM

How big is your Java Fern?
I was looking at my 20 gallon tank, which is 6 months old, and while I was looking at the side I glanced thorugh the jungle of plants and saw the back side of my Java Fern. The rhizome has grown to a 3-4 inch length :shock:

As I understand it, these guys will continue to grow longer over time indefinatly. I always see it in pictures though as a rather small plant so I'm curious how large yours are. Do you let them keep getting bigger, or do you cut the rhizome to make a new plant? I suppose you would need one for a few years to get one truely huge.

I'm probably going to just let mine continue to grow and get larger, I like the bigger look.

Byron 07-19-2012 11:43 AM

For me, growth is basically slow, and I assume this is normal for the plant. I've never thought about putting a number to it. Maybe 2 inches a year?

I had an Anubias nana back in 2001 in the back corner of a 90g tank. There were very few fish in the tank, and due to other issues I basically let this tank go for a couple years. Water changes and feeding the fish continued, but nothing more; the tank surface was covered thickly with Water Sprite. When things got settled, I had to move the tanks. The Anubias rhizome was just over 2 feet in length, and this in about 4 years.


Quantum 07-19-2012 07:49 PM

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I'm a bad photographer, but here's java fern in my 29 gal

it's not clear in the photo, but the leaves go to the surface

most of this came from one small plantlet that had formed on another plant, I've cut the rhizome and reattached it at different places on the wood

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