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KPainter 07-18-2012 08:05 AM

Fish for a 36g bowfront?
I moved my last remaining cardinal into my smaller tank with the von rios and he seems to be doing well, swimming out in the open and exploring the tank.

That leaves my 36g with just the 10 cories and handful of ghost shrimp and snails. I want to look at what other fish I can add with them. My water tends to be on the soft side, PH about 7.6, water temp stays about 77/78 and there's a good flow due to the upgraded filter (Aqueon 55). The tank is fully planted with floating plants as well, play sand substrate and good hiding spots thanks to two pieces of fake driftwood/roots.

I like the look of giant danios and would love to try something besides a tetra, although I'm not opposed to them.

Thoughts on other fish that would work for me?

Varkolak 07-18-2012 11:33 AM

Big school of harlequins, most gourami species, marbled hatchetfish are thriving in my tank, my 90gal has similar water specs as well and has angels, Australian rainbows, dwarf neon rainbow, dalmatian platy, gold barb, black neon tetra, and used to have giant malabar danios before they shredded some guppys and got demoted to the turtle tank. With the turtles I have red eye tetras and rosy barbs plus all the wild species and they all do well

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