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taylorjonl 07-18-2012 01:23 AM

29g BioCube Experiment
I have had a 29g BioCube tank that I have setup that has been running for a couple months now. It is very lightly stocked, actually only has a single Watchman Goby at this point, sooner or later I will add a couple clown fish and maybe others. Mainly I am interested in the corals.

I plan on experimenting with DIY projects like custom controllers(I am a software engineer with an electronic engineer father). This tank is my project to keep me occupied while I save up for the 200+ gallon take I want to put in my wall.

At this point for filtration I have live rock along with a 2" or 3" sand bed. In the back of the BioCube I have a skimmer(I am not impressed with it, AquaLife 115), a media rack with Purigen and Chemi-Pure and a fuge(currently empty, plan on putting Chaeto in there). I am planning on putting an overflow and putting a 10-20 gallon sump in the stand, to grow Chaeto. I want the sump because it really makes water changes cleaner and plus the more volume the better. Lastly, it will have a custom LED lighting system, hoping to be able to put a couple SPS in there.

I have been reading up on the Aquaripure filters and was contemplating getting the small filter. I have read some on the Aquaripure and I know you need it to be the primary biological filter, meaning no Bioballs, rock rubble, etc. which is fine by me, I have read those are mostly places for organic matter to get trapped and converted to nitrates.

So my question is, what other filtration methods are suggested for use with the Aquaripure? Is it recommended to have a skimmer and Chaeto? Also, I understand this can make water changes unneeded, will it hurt to continue weekly water changes? Maybe like 5% per week?

I have watched a couple of the videos on Youtube and love the idea of encouraging micro-fauna growth, at one point I would love to dose the take once or twice a week with some reef soup(various planktons, copepods, rotifers, etc.). I am hoping that with the help of the Aquaripure I can do this.

P.S. I didn't see anything on the site that mentioned the physical dimensions of your products, is it possible to get this? I am very interested in designing out my stand in Google Sketchup before I begin to make sure it will all fit.

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