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fphipps 07-16-2012 08:51 PM

live plants that they wont tear up
i have a 55 gallon tank with an albino oscar( about 8 inches) a blood parrot, an earth eater, a common pleco and a bristle nose pleco. they all get along and know their place in the tank and its been that way for months now. i relize i will have to upgrade eventually but for now i would like to work on this tank. i have fake plants in the tank now but i have a green thumb and about 5 other planted aquariums. im looking for some plants to liven up this tank. i know what plants work with africans and my cichlids in there right now do not seem to bother the fake plants. but is there a way to secure the live plants so the earth eater wont pick them out of the gravel? i was thinking just a few swords and some crypts with some jungle val.

Tazman 07-16-2012 10:05 PM

Java Moss
Java Fern
Vallis Nana

These have been known to work with some people. It really is trial and error though having live plants with an Oscar, some can rip them to shreds overnight and others wont even touch them

Anubias and Duckweed worked when I had my Oscar but then again he had a lot of room in a 125g tank.

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