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Sylverclaws 07-16-2012 05:08 AM

Need help, Silver Molly fry dying
I just got my first Silver Mollies, a male and a female to go with my other girls in the tanks. She had babies the day...actually less than ten minutes after I put her in the aquarium. >< I knew she was pregnant when I got her, and she was being harrassed at the petshop by a few boys, so I decided to adopt her and get a breeding net for the fry, I put her right in there because she looked like she was going to explode and I didn't want the other fish to mess with her since she was new. She initially had about 15-20 babies, but I only managed to save 8 of them, she was actually eating them as soon as she had them! I was so sad and not yet prepared, I thought I had another day atleast.

Unfortunatly I only have two left, I'm not sure what happened, I think they were premature because poor mama was stressed from being harrassed and moved. =( It's been about five or six days since they were born and one is looking good. It's a nice silver one, looks bigger and is energetic and happy to eat and swim. However, I had four other good sized babies like that one who died, and there is a darker one in there I am hoping to save, who looks like he's about to die. He's much smaller than the bigger silver one, and has been hanging around on the bottom energyless. Yesterday he was just fine and eating and energetic too. Is there something I can do for them to make them uhm...I guess stronger would be the word? Up their chances of survival? I would really rather them not die if it can be avoided, so please don't say "Hey, try breeding again and let these die." Like my brother did. T_T If there's something I can do, I would like to know it.

I am somewhat a newbie with the fish. My aunt always had mollies when I was growing up, but she never had a problem with babies dying like that for no apparent reason. They may or may not have been premature, but it's still been almost a week! To have them just start dropping all of a sudden is really upsetting, they are my first babies and I'm not liking the experience as much as I was a few days ago. My water levels are good all around and so is the temp. I am also feeding the babies dusted up fish flakes, and every other day I put a piece of really dusted up freeze-dried blood worm in there along with the flakes, they love that.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, any help is appreciated!

jxwindmo 07-16-2012 06:45 PM

Sick Silver Molly
I am a new fish enthusiast, I have had my 26 gallon aquarium for a year. I have a small silver molly who
looks sick. It keeps floating to the bottom and is breathing hard, also looks a little gray and pale.
Can I QT it (not sure if it is male or female) and give it melafix or will that do it more harm.

Sylverclaws 07-17-2012 10:21 AM


Originally Posted by jxwindmo (Post 1158044)
I am a new fish enthusiast, I have had my 26 gallon aquarium for a year. I have a small silver molly who
looks sick. It keeps floating to the bottom and is breathing hard, also looks a little gray and pale.
Can I QT it (not sure if it is male or female) and give it melafix or will that do it more harm.

I've heard of that issue happening sometimes when the temp is above 78F and/or the fish aren't getting enough oxygen. Try some new free floating plants and maybe a bubbler.
Could be some other issue though, keep an eye on your other fish. If you move the fish to a new tank, that may actually be a good idea incase it is sick, make sure the water is as close to the tank it comes from as possible, temp and levels wise, or it could get a big shock and die within minutes. I had that problem with two of my mollies, one died but I managed to save the other by adding in more oxygen and some plants...I don't actually know what the plant is called, it's sorta long and stringy looking and eventually grows like a clump, you can let them float freely instead of planting them and the fish love that, it also helps filter water and make oxygen, among other things. I have also heard that mollies like a liiiittle bit of salt in their tank, though I would NOT suggest doing it on a regular basis. Try adding a small pinch or two of aquarium salt in there. Unless you have fish that can't handle it. That and some plants cleared up all my problems.

Again, I am sorta a newbie, so it'll be better for you to do some research on the matter or wait for someone more experienced to reply to you.

ZTK412 07-18-2012 10:38 AM

What do you feed them? I feed my platy fry very very finely crushed flakes, baby brine shrimp, and first bites which is fry food. If they are less then 1/2 they could be premature.

Fresh10 07-18-2012 10:46 AM

I just feed my fry exactly what my normal fish eat. I don'justt crush the flake anything. After a few weeks of my babies being in the breeder, i released them. Some were dying off, once released, no more deaths.

Sylverclaws 07-19-2012 06:04 PM

Well, unfortunatly the little dark one died soon after I wrote this, but the big silver one is fine. For now, hopefully it'll stay fine. I fed them dusted up fish flakes and freeze-dried bloodworms(every other day or so on the worms, though it doesn't have any problem snarfing them down).

I have a gold dust molly about to give birth, hopefully my little silver fry wont eat the newer youngins. How old do they have to be before they're too big for the adult fish to eat? I have a creamsicle molly, who is fairly big, so I want to make sure it's big enough before I put it in the big tank. I've heard mixed reviews on how fast they grow. Some say a month, others say three months.
I have a little free floating plant in the net with the baby, it loves that...It actually seemed to get happier and healthier because of it, I guess it didn't like the fake plants that came with it. I don't blame it. Can't even hide behind them because they insert into the side and stick against the net which is useless. I'm thinking maybe the other babies died due to stress, as well as being premature. They had no real hiding place in there. I'm more than positive they were premies, some of the ones born were still partially in eggs and never started moving, and she also layed several unhatched eggs with growing little ones in them. Very sad.

Well, anywho, yeah. My tank has some nice plants in it now, and happy fishies. I had no idea how to care for plants or I'da done that sooner. lol I had a fake plant and big canyon-style rock. I'm hoping to upgrade to a 20+ gallon tank within the next month or two as well. If I can't save enough for that, I'll be gving the youngins away so they don't get crowded and stressed.

I just need to know when it's safe to let the baby into the big world, if you guys don't mind. =) It's still about...oh, less than half an inch long. I'd say closer to a quarter inch than the half mark.
This will be good learning for me, it's one thing to read, and another to actually do it. I wasn't intending to have any little ones until my research was more complete and the bigger tank was purchased, but I had to save that mama before the males harrassed her to death. She was in a tank full of males, and they were bullying her. So I put myself in a lovely position here. Thanks for the help you guys have given me thus far!

ZTK412 07-20-2012 04:04 PM

Wait until she is at least 1 inch. If you don't want to wait that long try feeding your mollies and other fish food that is the same size as the baby. If they can eat the food they can eat the baby. Good luck.

Sylverclaws 07-21-2012 02:41 PM

Alright! My Gold Dust Molly finally gave birth last night! And her newborn babies are the same size, some a little bigger, than my near two week old silver molly baby. =O That's shocking, both the mothers are about the same size.

I have the coolest little babies to keep little Silver company for a while. Some of them are really funny colored. I'd say Calico colored. I have a few that are white and gold, some that are black and gold, and some that are all a solid of white or gold with black dots, but the others are all of the above colors!

I again only managed to save 7-10 of them. Although it's possible there are more hiding that I haven't found yet. My big creamsicle molly was eating all the fry he could catch when I discovered them this morning. x.x Bah, such is life, it's still sad though. I don't know how many he ate, but it must have been a lot. He's completely, grossly bloated and uninterested in the morning breakfast I put in. As was one of the male gold dust mollies. x.x Jerks. I thought I should probably put her in the net or something, but I didn't want to eat the little Silver, and I didn't want to leave her over night in that thing. I figured I'd put her in it when I got up, seems she had other ideas. She wasn't showing signs of labor though, but she was getting a bit square. Normally when they're about to have babies, they seclude themselves a bit and sorta hang around in one area. She was with the group though.
Well, maybe I'll get lucky and have a few of these babies survive to adulthood, they are really awesomely colored, so I hope so. I wish to see how they turn out. I am just unbelievably excited, I love it when there are little ones coming into the world under my care. Nothing quite like watching babies be born into the world and grow up. I suppose that sounds pretty corny, but I just love babies. My grandma calls me a little old lady. ^^;

Thanks again for all the help you guys! I'll be taking some of this advice and putting it to good use. :3

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