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Tigris 07-16-2012 12:54 AM

Lighting Question/ Plant Stocking Advice
I have a 55 gal, right now it has gravel but will be replace with silca sand really soon.
Tank Inhabitants will be:
1 Opaline Gourami
1 Golden Gourami
1 Tire-Track Eel (Assuming the wholesaler sent the right one)

Now I want to have some low light plants in there that will grow fast or provide broad leaves for the eel to hide in, currently I have some anacharis that is top to bottom in the tank and some hornwort that floats on the surface. Lighting as it is right now is a 18 in Daylight Bulb, I cannot add another fixture but I can change the bulb if needed.

Also I am supplementing with API Leafzone but I am looking to upgrade to the Seachem Flourish Liquid.

Byron 07-16-2012 12:11 PM

With just one 18-inch tube (T8) over a 4-foot 55g tank, you are limited to low light plants. Anubias and Java Fern attached to bits of wood or rock (these should not be buried in the sand) should manage. There are no true low-light substrate-rooted plants but these would almost certainly be uprooted by the eel anyway.

Low-light plants are generally very slow growing, since the low light means photosynthesis must be slower. Flourish Comprehensive once a week will be sufficient in this situation.

I would reconsider the fish though. If the eel gets anywhere close to its max size, it will view the gourami as food. And even before then, the gourami will be unsettled and not at their best. Check our profiles, both gourami are the same species, just colour variants, of the Blue Gourami, Trichopodus trichopterus.


Tigris 07-16-2012 04:22 PM

The gouramis aren't staying in the tank that long, just long enough for me to get the stand built.

The tank does get some light from the window. Also I do have a a dual bulb shop light fixture that I can shine from the side but can't put in top because of the acrylic lid.

It might sound weird but the tank has a day and night side when the light is on so the eel can stay in the dark of he/she wanted.
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Tigris 07-17-2012 01:38 PM

I looked at my bulb today and realized I had a F15T8 bulb
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Byron 07-17-2012 03:13 PM


Originally Posted by Tigris (Post 1159258)
I looked at my bulb today and realized I had a F15T8 bulb
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Obviously only the specific length tube will fit, so the best would be a daylight with around 6500K rating.

Tigris 07-17-2012 03:45 PM

How do I figure out the number though? All that is on the bulb I have is that F18T8 marking but based on what I saw at Walmart, that is 510 lumens and 3100K

BradSD 07-17-2012 03:56 PM

Take the tube with you and match up the size or measure the length before you go. Get the proper length in a 6500k, if Walmart does not have it Lowes probably will.

Varkolak 07-17-2012 04:29 PM

F18= 18inch bulb t8= 1 inch diameter and the 6500k is the temp you want it to burn at to give you the color spectrum, look around for t8 18inch 6500k it might be hard to find Zilla Desert Series T8 Bulb for Reptiles: Fish this is a specialized one but doesn't tell kelvin rating and I wouldnt get it for fish. You don't need anything specifically for aquariums or plants just need to match from 6000k to 7000k with 6500k being the best

fish monger 07-17-2012 06:34 PM

The daylight tubes sold at Home Depot are 6500K. Check there. They have a placard explaining the light output for all of the bulbs.

Tigris 07-17-2012 08:05 PM

I'm headed up there right this second....will post what I bought

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