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Gerbo 07-15-2012 12:28 PM

Fish Keep Dying...?
So I have a 55g setup, it's about 3 weeks old, and my fish keep dying.... I have 2 Penguin 350 filters, one came from a 75g setup and I did that to get quick growth in the tank. I dry fed it for a week then I sold my 75g and I gave my fish to my neighbor, all except a Featherfin Catfish. I put him in because I had a good pH (7.6ish), no ammonia obviously, and the temp. was 78F. I put in Prime a few days later to keep the ammonia down and within a week it was back to zero with under .25 nitrite. I decided to add some Giant Zebra Danios. Same water levels and they died th enext day. I returned them and the next set died.... I got my levels checked 3 times at PetSmart, checked it myself daily, and everything is the same. The first set died at 82F, but I got it back to 78F and the next ones still died. So at this point, the Featherfin is still alive so I try a different fish. I got a few tinfoil babies yesterday and I woke up today and one was dead.. The other one seemed okay, but now at 11:30, he's stuck to the filter as well. I checked the water and these are the current readings: pH, 7.6, ammonia, zero, nitrite, under .25, temp, 78F.

The featherfin is still alive. Is it possible that the shipment of fish at Petsmart was bad, or is there something wrong that can't be tested? Any help is appreciated!!!!

Also, this has never happened to me before. I have a 10g, 30g, 38g (salt), 55g, and a 56g and just sold a 75g and never have I had any problem even close to this. I'm doing what I've always done...

Varkolak 07-15-2012 12:33 PM

If your getting nitrite readings then your tank is still trying to cycle, the catfish is tougher then your new fish and is surviving but still suffering. Do a large water change daily and don't buy any new fish until your no longer reading nitrites and the nitrate levels are consistently well under 20ppm

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