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Chantels 01-08-2008 07:17 PM

gourami question
I started a 30 gal tank about 2 months ago. I am guilty of not doing enough research on the fish I purchased before stocking my tank. I have 5 bloodfin tetras in this tank and 2 neon blue gourami's, 2 angelfish and 1 stripped rafael catfish. Everything was fine for a few weeks and then the Gouramis started fighting. I had to separate them by removing one and putting it in a 10 gal tank. Since then I purchased a 75 gal tank and have put one Gourami in there with some tetras and a male betta. I would like to move the angelfish in there once it is completely cycled. Would it be possible to put a couple of female gourami in the 30 gal and 75 gal to keep the boys happy? Would that be a bad idea if I have angelfish in there that could potentially pair up? Would the combination be too territorial in the 75 gal tank? I don't want angelfish in the 30 gal. Just gourami's, but i doubt I could have two males even if I have several females in the 30 gal.

Any advice?

herefishy 01-08-2008 11:54 PM

I am glad you have gained knowledge and experiance in two months. I, too, have a gourami tank. Although aggresion is common, it is more push and shove than nip and bite. Finding female gouramis may pose a problem in that they are usually very drab and not found in most lfs's with any regularity.

You may add the angels and shouldn't experience too many problems. The angels would enjoy a planted tank, but the gouramis will destroy the plants. The choice is yours to make.

By the way, Lupin, another mod, will be by later to dole out your 40 lashes with spaghetti noodle for not doing your homework earlier. lol

Lupin 01-09-2008 02:22 AM


Originally Posted by herefishy
By the way, Lupin, another mod, will be by later to dole out your 40 lashes with spaghetti noodle for not doing your homework earlier. lol

You're exaggerating, Bobby.:tongue:

It is not recommended to mix two or more male gouramis in a smaller tank. I wouldn't recommend mixing the betta with gouramis either. Both species tend to rival each other. If females are available, get 2-3 and place them along with the male gourami in the 30g. The other can be replaced with a female or placed in the 10g.

Are your angelfish already paired up? If so, do not mix them in a community tank where they will eventually harass the other fish otherwise they will be fine but they will limit your stocks considering any small fish that will fit in their mouths will eventually disappear.

Just as a side note, striped Raphaels can reach 20 cm. A 75g is best suited and again, this one will also limit your selection of fish. No fish should be really small and torpedo in shape that may allow it to gobble them.

Chantels 01-09-2008 12:25 PM

Thanks for the info. I didn't know that about the Rafael!!! The angels are still very young and not paired up yet. So I should be fine adding more fish to the tank.

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