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Pearl2011 07-13-2012 11:04 PM

Quarantine tank
If I choose the healthiest fish there are, do I need to dose Melafix? Or only if the fish are sick? The quarantine tank is a 3.5 gallon. I wont add all the fish I plan to put in the 25 in at a time. For the first fish do I need to quarantine or can I do that in the main tank? This is the stocking list and the order I plan on doing it in. List:
10 Cardinal Tetras
7 Peppered Corys
1 BN pleco OR Twig Catifish if I can find one.

How I plan on adding them, each will be QTed for 2 weeks

3 Tetras
3 Cories
3 Tetras
2 Cories 2 Tetras
2 Cories 2 Tetras
BN Pleco

Is that okay?

jaysee 07-13-2012 11:23 PM

If the show tank is empty, then the first batch of fish can go there. I would still have the QT available in case it's needed. After the initial period, all other fish should go through the QT.

Because your QT is small, I think your plan is a good one. You certainly wouldn't want to put several fish in a tank that small, even if it is temporary.

I am a huge proponent of doing mandatory heat treatments for ich while the fish are in quarantine. It's such an easy way to ensure your fish are not carrying parasites, and it is conveniently a 2 week treatment (same as Q). I generally hold the fish for longer than 2 weeks so that I can observe them after treatment.

Pearl2011 07-16-2012 08:13 PM

Think i am going to reverse the 2nd and 3rd batch. What is the heat treatment fo rich?

jaysee 07-16-2012 08:26 PM

The heat treatment is raising the water temp to 86 for 2 weeks time.

Pearl2011 07-16-2012 08:41 PM

Thats pretty high . . . would it hurt more sensitive species?

jaysee 07-16-2012 09:00 PM

I haven't found a fish that couldn't handle it.

Geomancer 07-20-2012 10:21 AM

Check your specific fish for their normal temperature. Some can be on the lower side, like 77 max, which 86 may be a bit hard on them so go with 84 instead. Others are fine at 80-84 to begin wtih, so 86 isn't an issue for a short time period.

3.5g is really, really tiny and can not hold a cycle on its own. I wouldn't use it for QT as the stress of ammonia/nitrite would be more apt to make them sick which you are trying to avoid in the first place.

A basic 10 gallon bare tank is really inexpensive. You can use a basic sponge filter for a tank that size. No need for light fixtures on a QT tank (dim lighting = less stress). Once the sponge is fully seeded with bacteria, you can just leave it in the main tank behind some decorations/plants where it will not be seen. It does not have to be running to stay loaded with bacteria. Then when QT is needed, you just move it into the QT tank and you are good to go. If nothing happens during QT, you can just move it right back to the main tank. If something crops up, you can bleech the sponge or buy a new one for cheap, just keep in mind it will take another 4 weeks to re-seed the sponge.

Pearl2011 07-20-2012 12:44 PM

It is the only tank I have (aside from a .5g betta tank I now use for duckweed) and i am not allowed to get another tank. I am willing to do daily water changes if I have to. Plus the live plants in there will help with ammonia and other stuff.
The plants I have in there right now are 2 (very small) Java fern, a Marimo moss ball, and today (if the LFS has it) dwarf hygrophila is the same thing as Hygrophila Polysperma big leaf and Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig' and Hygrophila corymbosa is giant hygrophila.

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