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gmate 07-13-2012 07:11 PM

Mbuna breeding with poor parameters?
I have a 20L with two kenyi mbuna (one female one male), a pleco, and a yellow lab (gender unknown). Other inhabitants include more malaysian trumpet snails then I know what to do with, a bamboo shrimp, and a baby red eared slider (turtle)

Overstocked, yeah yeah. Not here to listen to that, I've kept freshwater for years. Growout habitat for all fish and the turtle.

Well I just feed this tank and walk away. Lights are on timers. I top off, but haven't done a water change in months. It's heavily, heavily planted. I hope that helps. Nitrate hasn't been tested in probably a year, neither has PH.

I woke up last week and found baby blue mbuna. Three of them, all decent size (about half an inch). I don't know how I missed it, but these must have been the only fry to have survived.

This week, only one is showing up (it's heavily planted, and I may be missing the others) and he's getting big - FAST.

Are mbuna notorious breeders, or are my parameters in line by luck? I was so excited to see the little guys.

Tazman 07-13-2012 07:57 PM

Congrats on the babies.

Not knowing what the parameters are, then it is absolute luck that they have spawned. There are some serious issues though that need taking care of.

The fact as you mentioned the tank is way too small for all those fish. The water parameters could be killing them slowly and reducing their lifespan.

The fact the tank has not had a water change in a long time, is almost certainly something to be concerned about, nitrates while potentially being kept in check by the plants, other stuff in the water such as hormones, pheromones are accumulating in very high levels and not being removed with water changes.

Surprised as well the mbuna have not killed the shrimp or torn your plants to shreds.

The fact you have a turtle in their which produce an enormous amount of waste which is just accumulating in the tank is a major concern as well.

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