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joanne44picard 07-12-2012 08:39 AM

I read where it says to put freshwater salt so I did , but it doesn't say when to replace the salt, Like how long does it work for and how long will it take to cure my fish, I got 2 platy, 3 Guppy, and 3 corycat,3 shrimp,and 20 baby fry in a 30gl tank, water is at 78*
I put the salt in 2 days ago,,and I treated also with Melafix,
Any info would really help,
also its been only 3 days since I notice the white on my fish's tail, and there are 2 that have it, Thanks

blwoodson 07-15-2012 08:06 PM

salt will stay in the system almost indefinitely, until water changes diminish the salinity. Evaporation leaves minerals, including salt, in the water. Salt improves gill function and helps with ICH and other parasites. As for how long I use salt in all my freshwater tanks (about 1TBS per five gal). The medication instructions will tell you how to deal with the ich. Remember the cysts can live for a few weeks and will not be killed until they change. Raising the temperature of the water can accelerate the growth of the ich allowing it to be treated quicker.

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