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JayMeister 01-07-2008 07:34 AM

malawi help
hey all i wanted 2 start a discus tank bt i changed my mind and started a malawi tank and i wanna know wat other fish can i put 2gether wif them

bettababy 01-07-2008 01:27 PM

Other african cichlids in the same size ranges as you have currently... and lot and lots of rock work! The hardest part is in finding out the adult sizes of everything and choosing them all about the same range within 1 - 2 inches of each other, and then getting them into the tank while they are all close in size.
The only other options I am aware of is synodontis catfish.. and that is dependent on the size of the tank and the specific synodontis species you choose. Some get too large to handle less than 90 gallons, as will many of the cichlids.
How big of a tank are you working with and what is in it now?

herefishy 01-07-2008 01:46 PM

I have a variety of fish in with my cichlids. Dawn mentioned the criteria for stocking a Rift Lake tank. Another species of catfish that works really well is the African Giraffe catfish. A unique little fish.

Here is a link:

JayMeister 01-08-2008 07:25 AM

my tank is abt 400 ltrs and i have 14 malawis and 1 alge eater in it

bettababy 01-08-2008 02:36 PM

400 liters figures out to about 105.66 US gallons. With 14 cichlids and 1 algae eater, I would think that tank to be quite full. How long has this tank been set up? How mature are the fish? Without knowing exactly what species and how many of each are in there, there's no way to know how much space you may have left if any.

I have to ask... is there a reason for adding an algae eater? The malawi cichlids are primarily vegetarian, and should happily pick away at and eat any algae that grows in the tank. If there is slime algae in the tank (on the glass and rocks) then I would wonder about water params and feeding schedules, water change schedules, etc. A healthy and well balanced malawi tank shouldn't need an added algae eater. I mention this because if you decide to add a catfish, water params will be very important. The fish that will be compatible options for your environment will be very sensitive to water quality. Ammonia and nitrite in any amounts will burn skin and gills, and nitrates over 40 can also cause major health issues in all of your fish, not to mention drop your pH level quite drastically. Adding another fish means adding more waste, so it's important to make sure that is well balanced and in good shape before considering a catfish.

You mentioned you have an algae eater, so I have to assume a common pleco? Did you know that the common pleco is actually a catfish and will perform the same fucntions of a catfish in the tank? How big is the algae eater? Be prepared for a common pleco to top out at about 18 inches long and about 4 - 5 inches wide, which means a whole lot of waste in a tank of that size.

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