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Andrew 10-26-2006 12:22 PM

Metal Halides
Ok anyone out there use them, i want to add a pair of dupla 75watt Mh lights above my tank, i dont want to suspend them with wire, i would prefer a bracket that will fix width ways accross my tank and act like a saddle, i have seen arcadia make somethin similar but i think it only comes with their light, does any one know of sucha product???
Or do you use MH lights- do you think they are a wise purchase?

crazie.eddie 10-26-2006 03:16 PM

How big is your tank?

I don't use them, but from what I've read, they're an expensive choice. Much better suited for marine tanks. MH lights also produce LOTS of heat, so it's better if the light be suspended. I've read that due to the intense heat, even a little splash of water on the bulbs can make the bulbs explode, which is another reason you want to keep them suspended.

Andrew 10-26-2006 03:35 PM

Yes but im not talking about home made metal halide lights here i am talking Dupla lighting and the bulbs are protected and as for the heat well i dont know, maybe i wont need a water heater anymore :)
I have seen them on a show tank and they are mighty impressive, i am only going for the 75watt bulbs X2 you can get them in 150watt variant but i think 300 watt on 180 litre is way excessive.

I really like MH because the life is so bright and intense creating realistic light in the tank, casting shadows on plant and fish, something you cannot get from tubes!

They are expensive but my tank is at the point where the only thing left to upgrade is the lighting- so i cant help myself lol

Anyone else out there with MH lights?

crazie.eddie 10-26-2006 10:53 PM

I wasn't talking about DIY MH lights either, though I didn't know there were such a thing. I would think they are rather dangerous if there were. I looked at the photo of dupla lights and it appears to still have a glass protectant over the bulbs. I would assume that would get very hot as well and still would get effected if water makes contact with it. Regarding a heater, you may still need to keep one, becuase you will probably shut off the lights at night, unless the nights are very warm where you are.

crazie.eddie 10-27-2006 01:07 AM

I asked someone on a planted tank forum I belong to, who also uses MH lights. They basically said the same thing about having the lights being too close could be dangerous. Another thing to think about with MH, is that it will cause allot of heat, which could require you to even use a chiller.

Andrew 10-27-2006 02:00 PM

Interesting well i have seen some sort of saddle for another manufacturer, this puts the light source about 12 inches above the water. I have seen them deployed even closer to the water before now.

Oh yes there are DIY jobbies out there i have seen them, crazy Brits over here lol!! i agree completely so dangerous, but they are more concerned with saving ££££££££ but they we are lol

Ok so it appears i have a dilemna- i want to use MH but dont wand pendulam attachment- what do i do???? any solutions to this?

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