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sen5241b 01-06-2008 11:25 AM

Snail Profusion and Dropping Ph
Recently we have had a profusion of Malayan livebearnig snails and the common Pulmonate snails. (Yes, we overfed). But the real problem is that the PH keeps dropping drastically -from 7 down to 5! We increase the Ph and in just a few days it drops again. Various Ph equalizing chemicals don't work!

No new objects were introduced except a common aquarium plant and I can't believe the plant could cause the Ph to drop by 2 full points.

Did a complete break down of aquarium, washed gravel, scrubbed glass, replaced 80 percent of water. A few days later Ph drops!

What is causing this or how can we figure this out? Could the snails be causing this?

Oldman47 01-06-2008 03:03 PM

It sounds like you have no pH buffers in your water. Is the water you are using very soft water so there are no impurities in it? Water with almost no impurities is very unstable when it comes to pH. I use an RO for some of my aquarium water but I can't use straight RO. Straight RO water will change pH at the blink of an eye when anything gets into the water, even things as innocent as air or fish food. There is just nothing in the water to slow down the pH change.

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