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Akeath 07-07-2012 02:54 PM

Can Sparkling Gouramis be kept in 7.4 pH & are they comptabile with snails?
I'm a bit confused on if this is okay or not because a lot of people say fish can adjust to most pH readings common in tap water, but most of the care sheets I'm finding on Sparkling Gouramis in particular say the pH should be acidic to 7.0 pH. Would Sparkling Gouramis be able to adjust to living in 7.4 pH, or should they only be kept in acidic water? I can not change that pH any lower than it already is due to my Nerite snails, whose shells will begin to disintegrate in acidic water.

I'm also wondering if Sparkling Gouramis are compatible with Nerite Snails. I have 2 Olive Nerites and a Tracked Nerite. Will they pick at the snail's bodies or bite their antennae or anything?

Varkolak 07-07-2012 06:07 PM

Should be find with snails, sparkling are literally tiny and on the ph front most fish will adapt to any water parameter at a cost - usually a shorter lifespan so if it was supposed to live 3 years you might get 1.5 years. With that in mind look at the water parameters of where you got them and if they were tank bred or wild, a wild wouldn't have a chance while finding sparking gourami that are several generation deep being bred in harder water will be capable of doing much better

IF I were you and was set on them I would pick up some peat for my filter and lots of driftwood and let the tannins soak into your water to soften it. Thats what I've decided to do in my next tank if yellow shrimp take off I have 7.4-7.8 ph normally and know of a local shop that has had some sparking for awhile - load up on driftwood and hope to drop it under 7 naturally

Mikaila31 07-07-2012 07:27 PM

My sparklers spawned in water with 7.6-7.4 pH so I would say they do just fine. Just realize this is a social gourmai that should be in groups. It also does best in a densely planted tank.

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