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Lupin 10-25-2006 08:48 PM

What is your oldest fish(past and present)?
Hi gang.:wave:

Pls post your oldest fish of past and present.:mrgreen:

I used to have a 4 years old shubunkin. It died after it fell to the floor.:cry: :frustrated:

4 years old Siamese Algae Eater
~It's currently living with my green arowana and other loaches. He was moved after bullying other fish in the community tank.

joeshmoe 10-25-2006 08:53 PM

my platy is almost a year old. poor thing its mate died and every thing but hes still liveing strong :D

love_my_fish 10-25-2006 09:47 PM

My oldest was probably my dear Dojo loach -- was about 4 years old when I found him desicated on the floor. :cry:

My current oldest are probably my black tetras which were used to cycle the tank -- about 3 years old.

Tracy 10-26-2006 12:01 AM

I have a 5 year old cory cat . Prior to that, I had a plecostomus that lived 4 years. Last night I lost my betta and he was three-and-a-half years old.

butterbean 3 10-26-2006 02:19 AM

I had a 4 year old Black Angel that was killed by a new 1/2 the size angel I got to keep her company :frustrated: I no longer have angels

The oldest I have right now are 2 -Two year old Blue & Gold Gourami

crazie.eddie 10-26-2006 02:50 AM

My 2 largest angels are about 7 years or more. Unfortunately, I believe one is on it's last leg, due to it's old age. Sadly, the other may go soon, since I got both of them the same time.

One of my biggest clown loaches is about 7 years old or so also, but I know I have no problems about that, since they have a long lifespan.

Lupin 10-26-2006 02:55 AM


Originally Posted by crazie.eddie
One of my biggest clown loaches is about 7 years old or so also, but I know I have no problems about that, since they have a long lifespan.

What's the size of that clown, Eddie?:mrgreen:

crazie.eddie 10-26-2006 03:13 AM

That clown is the one that's about 5" or so. Strangely, I never saw any noticeable growth on the loaches, until I moved them into my 125 gallon (473 liter). When they were in my 55 gallon, I performed weekly water changes at about 20% or so with little feedings. In my 125, I do WC about 3-4 days, at about 40%. When they were first moved, I did about 40% WC every 2-3 days with lots of feedings, becuase of the new juvenile discus, which I later moved into their own growout tank. Ever since the larger water changes, the clowns seem to have grown rapidly (as you can see from my previous post) within a few months. I would have to assume it's the larger water changes and more food that probably allowed them to grow significantly. At that rate, I would probably be seeing it to be about 7" within the next year or so.

Lupin 10-26-2006 03:16 AM

That's great, Eddie.:welldone: Hope they reach 12 inches. :twisted:

bettababy 10-30-2006 11:50 PM

My oldest past was a neon that lived for 12 years in a 15 gallon livebearer tank.
My oldest present are my oscars, 2 of which I have raised since they were about the size of a quarter... both now almost 12 yrs old. The 3rd oscar is one I adopted when a customer mentioned "throwing them away" because his 2 oscars had hexamita so badly that neither had much of a face left. (yes, I not only managed to save him, but he is completely healed, no sign of scarring anywhere) Sadly 1 of them died in a fire about 4 yrs ago. The other resides in the 220 with my original oscars, and has spawned with my longfin tiger oscar many times over now. The adopted oscar is guessed to be about 6 yrs old now.
Next to my oscars is the foot long standard pleco in their tank, who is about 10 yrs old now.

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