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LyzzaRyzz 07-06-2012 09:34 PM

Water Hyacinths in teh Aquarium?
I was looking up ways to corral surface plants, and came accross this website that mentioned how fast water hyacinths grow! Granted, they were talking about ponds, not aquariums, but im wondering if you could use them?

Or even, how they would do in a small pond?

Byron 07-07-2012 10:31 AM

They are fast growing/spreading, and large so a pond is best. In a several-hundred gallon tank maybe...:-)

I had this plant in my outdoor pond until the racoon decided to eat it all, along with the goldfish and their young.

LyzzaRyzz 07-07-2012 12:10 PM

How fast does it grow?! Could I keep it in a 50gallon tub for the winter and then transfer it to my pond?

Byron 07-07-2012 01:08 PM


Originally Posted by LyzzaRyzz (Post 1145006)
How fast does it grow?! Could I keep it in a 50gallon tub for the winter and then transfer it to my pond?

With good light, yes. This plant is best in sunlight or good overhead light. All floating plants are fairly fast growers.

thekoimaiden 07-07-2012 01:28 PM

I had some in my pond and had to throw out plants weekly to keep them from taking over the pond. It also has a beautiful purple flower. They did grow about 6 inches tall, so I can imagine you would need a lot of space in between the water and the hood if you want them in your aquarium. But water lettuce (another pond plant) has been developed in a dwarf variant. Maybe there is something like that for water hyacinth.

If you did want to grow it somewhere over the winter, I would use some a kiddy pool. More surface area will allow you to keep more plants alive through the winter. I really wish I had kept some of mine. Great nutrient sponge and cover plant.

LyzzaRyzz 07-07-2012 02:50 PM

Hmm, now that's an idea! "hey mom, can I keep a kiddie pool inside?"
We'll see how good that goes!
Would I need to add ferts to the water, or would adding w/c water be sufficient? Would they need an oxygen source? Like an air stone? I guess I could keep feeder fish in the pool...

thekoimaiden 07-07-2012 08:29 PM

A kiddie pool in the basement isn't impossible. I've thought about it a few times. Just gotta convince the parents. lol!

I certainly wouldn't add any goldfish. You would be doing a lot of water changes with them in there. Just dump the water you take from your tanks on a weekly basis. The water from that should be enough to feed the plants.

LyzzaRyzz 07-07-2012 09:57 PM

Not goldfish! Rosy red minnows. =]
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emeraldsky 07-07-2012 10:32 PM

I actually had a few in my 29g, they just melted since I dont think my light was enough.

If you do get them, make sure you look them over, mine introduced leeches into my tank since the person I got them from kept them in a big tub outside.

Had to take down and redo my tank to make sure they were all gone ;-;

thekoimaiden 07-07-2012 11:11 PM

Rosy reds are still carps (cyprinidae), and carps have a higher bioload than fish like tetra. I think rosy red will actually get pretty big, too. And they will need water changes. I would just go without the fish entirely.

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