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djlamonica 07-06-2012 04:51 PM

New to cichlids 60 g
I have a 60 g tank that I've decided to turn into an African cichlid tank. The tank Has a 90 g filter on it and temp is at 80. I had my water checked at the LFS and they said it was perfect for African cichlids (I plan to buy a kit and do this my self so I know exact numbers)

Anyways I cycled the tank and now Im adding fish this is what I have so far.

2 yellow labs
2 red empress
I plan to add 2 electric blues in a couple weeks

I have a few questions 1 are these fish going to be compatible? And two can I add more of these types of fish and what other types of cichlids would work in this tank. I have my eye set on a few black and white spotted ones I'm not sure of the names.

I am new to the aquarium game and don't no scientific names so I'm having a tough time researching on my own. This is my first "larger" tank. I have a 10 g gold fish tank and a 15 G tiger barb tank both doing very well and I keep up with my water changes. thanks for the help : )

Tazman 07-06-2012 10:01 PM

Welcome to the forum and to TFK first of all, hope you enjoy your time here. :wave:

OK, one issue, Red empress = not good for your size tank. They are active swimmers and a tank that size does not give them enough room to do that. They also regularly grow to about 7-8"
Do you know what sex they are?

By the electric blues do you mean Sciaenochromis fryeri...if these are the ones you mean, they are NOT suitable either for your size tank, they need a 75g or bigger tank.

The black and white ones if you mean Tropheus duboisi - again sorry the tank is not big enough as they are very aggressive fish.

I would look at losing the red empress and consider something more appropriate such as Rusty Cichlid, Afra, Red Zebra. Cichlids are harem fish meaning a single male needs several usually 4, up to 12 females for the more aggressive species. This ratio means the aggression of the male when in spawning mode is directed at a group of female and not a single female. Aggression towards a single female will usually leave her with a weakened immune system or in most of the cases dead.

If you have any other fish you are considering please post them here and we will offer suggestions as to whether they will work with your tank.

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