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cskendrick 01-05-2008 11:13 AM

Got a question about it
I got the aquaripure from a friend. He had it for a little over a month, And i hooked it to my aquarium, i tested the water comming out of the aquaripure about a day later, and the nitrate was 0, And i just tested it again about a week later and the nitrate is 20. I have not added any vodka to it yet, since the nitrate went up, does that mean i need to add some vodka to it, before i added the denitrator my nitrates have been around 40-50, now its around 25, so i guess the denitrator is working, but if the water comming out of the denitrator is 20 then my tank will only go down to 20, which is fine with me. nitrate at 20 for a fish only tank is not bad. but any suggestions, thanks

Aquaripure 01-09-2008 10:18 PM

Well, the denitrator cycles slightly differently in different systems. It depends on setup, bioload, other filtration, etc. Try injecting vodka and measuring the nitrates about 2 days later and see if they are not zero. Also, they may get to zero in the effluent but it might just take a little longer. I doubt if you just set it up and are already noticing a difference that it will level off at 20 ppm but it does sometimes do that in some systems. I think once you start feeding it it will make a difference.

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