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aspinn 01-05-2008 02:16 AM

Got my Aqarium Done! Need fishmates!
Alright we went down to visit family for newyears/boxing day... on our way up i stopped off at half a dozen aquarium shops.... finnally got my tank picked out its a:

46 gallon Euro Bowfront Aquarium
(this is a pic from it that i nabbed from the net)

I was thinking of doing an angelfish, rubbernose (or gold nugget) plec but any idea what else would make suitable fishmates? brain storming here and iwould love some suggestions =)

i have a thing for the snake like fishes too... can anyone recomend a breed that may be suitable with these (the elongated fishs similar to the bichar) that would be peacful toward the others or are there none that would be suitable.... well thank you very much!

willow 01-05-2008 05:22 AM

lovely tank,i know it's a pic from the web,
but i like the layout of the decor.
The Angel fish sound like a really nice idea,however i'm not sure
how they would fair in a new set up ??
a South American set up would be lovely i think,
and if i had my time over i would do one.

crazy4fish 01-05-2008 08:04 AM

nice tank! i like angel fish too but you might want to wait until you get you tank running for a while. as for snake like fish i think ropefish should be compatible with most fish :wink:

tophat665 01-05-2008 12:10 PM

A ropefish. A couple of angelfish. I'd go with a Bristlenosed pleco rather than rubbernosed. They're larger and hardier. Don't put a gold nugget in there to eat algae. They don't. also, don't put a GN in there until the tank has been running and stable for a year, and even then, acclimate it like you would an oto.

Add one male and 3 female swordtails. That'll give you color, topwater feeders, and fry for the Angels to snack on.

The problem is, with angels you need to keep your fish over neon size - deep bodied small tetras or medium sized torpedo shaped ones, whereas with a ropefish you want all your fish to be 3" or larger. So if you do go with the ropefish, I'd definitely stick with the swordtails for dithers, but if you skipped it, maybe in favor of an african knife or a peacock eel, you could get emperor or diamond or columbian tetras or platies in there easily.

crazy4fish 01-06-2008 04:02 PM

i agree with everything tophat says

tophat665 01-06-2008 07:51 PM

Thanks C4F! :D

Aspinn, I misread the first time around. You're looking for snakey fish that'll go with angels and a smallish pleco. Ropefish is definitely one. Peacock and zig-zag spiney eels are another. Kuhli Loaches are cool, and snakey and small, but you need about six of them to see them ever, and you may never see them regardless. Weather Loaches are cool and snakey and of a good size, but they like their water cooler than Angels.

Any of those could probably work. Ones to NOT get: Violet gobies need brackish water, as do "freshwater" moray eels. Swamp eels, Electric Eels, true freshwater eels, and lungfish get way too big.

You could probably have a palmas or senegal bichir in there, but it would be a risk.

Are pike cichlids snakey enough for you? There are a couple species that might do well in a 46 bow.

herefishy 01-07-2008 12:34 AM

Snakey fish? Does it have to be a fish? Why not try an anphib known as the Caecilean worm? Quite unique.

Falina 01-07-2008 11:59 AM


Originally Posted by herefishy
Snakey fish? Does it have to be a fish? Why not try an anphib known as the Caecilean worm? Quite unique.

This is genuinley the most terrifying creature I have ever seen in my life! however, if you like it then go for it, though I've no idea how they do with fish.

i'd probably steer away from a birchir. They grow large and eat pretty much anything that will fit in their mouths, and attempt to eat things that won't. The rest of the suggestins sound good though.

The Goldnugget plec would grow too large unfortunately and won't eat algae.

crazy4fish 01-07-2008 03:01 PM

i agree with falina. those things are just weird (no offense to anyone who likes them) but i would go with something else that isnt so creepy. oh and if you do go with ropefish make sure that there isnt ANY space for them to escape because if there is 1 little crack THEY WILL FIND IT. :wink:

tophat665 01-07-2008 11:03 PM

The same thing about a tight cover goes for Caecilians and any of the other snakey fish too. As if Caecilians weren't odd enough, did you know they also have a suction disc near their anus to hold onto things in a current (according to Larousse Natural History)?

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