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shrimpy91 07-03-2012 03:15 AM

New member here. starting a 30g Salt
Hi all. names mike.

So, I'm starting a small reef tank and I'm looking for some good advice. now I'm not a complete noob at salt water tanks. I did have a small 20 gallon back in high school that I had an anemone, two clowns, a domino damsel (until the clowns killed him one night), and after the domino damsel a velvet damsel in. however, I want to make this tank particularly good and tbh I um... may have not followed correct salt water procedure on my first tank, which may have presented in some, unfortunate disasters down the road. I came from a fresh water tank and was young and impatient.

anywho, I'm putting together a plan before buying anything at all so that I know where I want the tank to go this time before I start. I'm looking for what I should be doing in terms of a protein skimmer and lighting. also, one of the major mistakes in my first tank was underestimating my waterflow needs and using a woefully inadequate power head, so looking for tips on which and how many to buy there too. elemental limits are there to remind me of the numbers. also, if I'm needing to be more strict on those numbers please tell me. the range just seems a little large to me. I'm also thinking my CUC is a little large, but then again, I'd like to be able to have all the fish I want which i realize when full grown may mean the tank is a little overstocked. by that time I'd hope to get a bigger tank though anyway.

30 gallon aquarium

15" of fish

4" of sand

72-78 F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025, NH3 undetectable, NO2 undetectable, NO3 <.75 ppm, PO4 < 0.2 ppm, Calcium 350-450 ppm, Magnesium 1250-1350 ppm, Iodine .06-.10 ppm, Strontium 8-14 ppm

210 watts

5 Nassarius snails DIATOM BLOOM

5 Cerith snails

3 peppermint shrimp

2 Ocellaris clown fish 3 1/2" max size. start, 1-1 1/2" ADD AT SAME TIME

1 Flame dwarf angel 4" max size. start, 2-2 1/2" ADD LAST

3 Blue/Green reef chromis 3" max size. start, 1-2" ADD FIRST

Green Prostrata Acropora Coral
Moderate to high lighting, middle to top of tank.

Lemon Tree Coral
Moderate lighting, middle to top of tank, medium to strong waterflow.

Zoanthus Colony Red Micro Polyp
Moderate lighting, middle to top of tank, medium waterflow.

Valid Acropora Coral
Moderate to high lighting,medium to strong waterflow.

Purple Asterospicularia Coral
Moderate lighting, bottom to Middle of tank, medium waterflow

Long Tentacle Anemone
Moderate lighting, medium waterflow

shrimpy91 07-03-2012 03:39 AM

realize I forgot some crucial info. looking at a 38" x 12" x 16" tank.

Reefing Madness 07-03-2012 09:34 AM


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