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doser 01-03-2008 11:56 PM

noob wants plants
I have new 28 gallon tank. Came with a 18" "eclipse natural daylight" flourescent hood. Seems pretty bright. Its already filled with blue and green clown puke epoxy gravel that my kid picked out (its really "his" tank, ha ha). I am getting a couple of zebra danios tomorrow because we are to lazy to do a fishless cycle. Yes my kid understands these first few fish may not live long. Anyhow I decided now I would like to do some plants. Any recommendations for this light and crappy gravel that will actually look nice and grow? Or do I really need to do it right, drain the tank, remove the gravel, put down layerite first, etc. ...Can I cover the layerite to acheive the desired clown puke gravel look? I would really not choose to bother with that so if there is any way around it in specific plant choices, please help. Thanks....

Unrulyevil 01-04-2008 08:54 AM

Leave your gravel along. You can always buy gravel tabs that deliver nutrients right to the plant roots with out having super gravel.

What you need is ... hardy plants . check them out here

fish_4_all 01-04-2008 04:09 PM

I have the same clown puke gravel and I can grow anything that my light will support. Anubias and crypts would be a good idea as well as maybe a Red Melon sword, (will grow huge but under lower light will stay small enough for your tank, at least for a while.)

Root tabs, even the really cheap ones will work wonders under the roots of swords and crypts and you should be able to keep them alive even at the light levels you have with the tank now.

If you can't keep them alive then it may come down to getting at least a little more light. A small 24 inch shop light with 2 bulbs over the tank and a glass hood would more than double your current light and only be about $25 for the fixture and bulbs from Wacky World (walmart).

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