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equatics 07-01-2012 07:37 AM

How's My Light Bulb?
I pulled my light bulb out of the canopy and here are the specs:

First of all, it's a 10 gallon tank - 20 inches long.

The bulb is an Aqueon Full Spectrum 15W T8 18" as written on the bulb. It came with the canopy and the actual reflector has a white plastic insert.

All of the most recent plants I put in, Cabomba, Wisteria, and Water Sprite have been growing very fast, the wisteria not quite as fast, and I'm wondering if I happen to have an exceptionally good light/tank combination.

I'm going to try and google up the bulb and give you any results. By the way, the bulb was made in Germany.

Couldn't find anything at Aqueon or anywhere else. Saw a reference to 8000 *K. I hope that's not true as it seems a little out of the proper color temp range. Mine looks fine.

Thanks for reading and if you can tell me what the real color temp is and how strong my lighting is - the actual distance from the bulb to the tank bottom is something like 13" - that includes the substrate.


Geomancer 07-01-2012 08:19 AM

The Aqueon tubes are 8000K, I use to have that on my 20 gallon tall tank until I replaced it with a custom built LED fixture.

It should work fine for now, but after the 1 year mark buy a 6500K daylight tube from a hardware store. You might get a little faster growth, but don't expect miracles ;) Wisteria is a moderate/high light plant. So under low light, all you can expect will be slow growth out of it.

The 8000K has more of a purple look to it, a 6500K will be more of a green look at least in my experience with them.

Byron 07-01-2012 11:19 AM

I do not know if this is the same tube that came with my Aqueon 29g hood [I chucked it into recycling so it is gone] but it was very weak intensity. I got a Life-Glo which is much stronger and no "purple" as Geo mentioned. A "daylight" tube with a 6500K from the hardware store would work too.


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