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PhilipPhish 06-30-2012 04:45 PM

30G and 10G stocking/planting/redo. Need advice!
So I currently have a 30 gallon that I want to redo with live plants, sand substrate, new decor, and possibly some more fish.
Heres the current situation-
Tank size-30 gallons, bowfront
Filter-AQUA-Tech 20-40 (oldest filter I've ever seen!)
Heater-Tetra Submersible Heater 50 watts
Current Decor-
Decorative gravel, small pebbles, and marbles
Fake Plants
Large river rock
2 small decorative rocks
Current inhabitants-
4 femlae bettas
4 cory cats
3 neon swordtails
1 male sailfin molly
15 wild type guppies- will be rehoming
1 common pleco- trying to rehome

I'd really like to make this a lively, natural planted tank. Heres my new plan-
Plants- Suggestions? Rooted and Floating
new substrate-Sand
New filter- any suggestions
New lighting-suggestions? something that looks really natural
New stock-
Malaysian Livebearing Snails
New decor-
Driftwood/boggwood pieces
large river rocks

Please let me know what you guys think! I'll be getting water testing kits first thing after I get paid, then we will find out my pH and kH and whatever H we need to figure out.

I'd also like to buy a few 10 gallons after I rehome my pleco and redo my 30G.
Heres what I might do-
10 gallon tank
Live plants-Suggestions
Malaysian livebearing snails
Any suggestions?

And in the second 10 gallon, maybe I could do a planted gourami tank? I would love to hear what you guys suggest for this one!

So thats about it!
Again, let me know what you guys think!

Best wishes-

Bacon Is Good 06-30-2012 06:45 PM

Do you want a community tank or a aggresive tank?

Byron 07-01-2012 12:19 PM

Assuming the present fish are remaining in the 30g (except the last two to be re-homed), you haven't any room for more fish. Check the profiles for details, esp Swordtail. Swordtail's natural habitat can be replicated with fine gravel (not sure what you have now, may be suitable if it is a natural or dark mix) or sand, river rock as boulders, some bogwood; remove the marbles.;-) If you want to replace the existing filter, I would look at the Fluval U-series, internal filters. Plants like Corkscrew Vallisneria (loves medium hard water, essential for livebearers), dwarf sword; Floating perhaps Brazilian Pennywort. All are in the profiles, click shaded names. Light--what do you have now for a fixture?

On the 10g, what are your tap water parameters (GH, KH and pH)? There are some nice options with small fish, but some of these are wild caught and more specific with respect to parameters. Gourami will restrict you to the rarer small species in a 10g, the sparkling gourami, licorice gourami, eyespot gourami, but these all need soft water. There are several dwarf species of rasbora (Cyprinids), the Scarlet Badis (Badidae), etc. Plants could be crypts, with Water Sprite floating.


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