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Phillip J 06-29-2012 07:59 PM

Firemouth trying to breed?I also want to know if my tank is over stocked.
I have a 75 gallon yank with 3 firemouths in it. I had 4 ,but one of them was bullied to death as it did't grow like the rest did. I was hoping for a pair ,and I think I might have got one! One of them has been cleaning this piece of slate I added a while back for decoration ,and is keeping the other fish away from it. Then a few nights ago (after a large water change) she starts displaying at the other firemouth (the big boss of the tank) with a cream colored flap from under her gills (its normally red) ,and he does the same thing back except he was super red! He then swims over ,and they do that lip lock thing but half way through he breaks of and swims to the other side of the tank. Oh before this happened they would stare at each other ,and go foward then back up which lasted about 10 mins. So was this a breeding display or a fight? When she fights she is normaly red ,but she did't use much red during this. The male was super red though. I want to sell the third wheel soon so this is why I ask. I don't wanna breed them I just want a pair if that makes since.

Now for the other thing I have:

3 firemouths (1 will get sold once I have a pair)
2 key holes
A school of rainbows(mix of "australian" ,and blue rainbows)
A school of red phantom tetra( I think 7 in both schools)
5 pictus catfish
4 sword tails

Is this to many fish for my 75? They have all been getting along for almost a year now with my firemouths being about 15 months old so I can't see them turning mean on my fish since everthing has been smooth so far. I am not having any water problems ,but I just don't want my fish to feel crowded.If I still have room some more sword tails would be cool ,but my tank is probly over stocked as is.I Would like to sell the tetra back since I have enough red.They are only there in the firste place because I took my 55 down ,and figured these would be ok which they have been. I want to replace these with a non red tetra(any one have a idea?) ,but if the tank is already over stocked I will sell them back and just not put somthing in there place. Oh the tank has alot of live plants in it to if that means anything. I might put up pics of the firemouth.

Phillip J 06-30-2012 11:18 AM

MAybe this was the wrong place to post?

Phillip J 06-30-2012 12:22 PM

hi sorry its not letting me edit my post anymore but

"3 firemouths ( I will sell one back to the lfs once 2 pair)" Thats what it should have said.

Phillip J 07-02-2012 05:32 PM

Maybe I will split this into 2 topics? Maybe the 1st post is hard to read ,or maybe not enough enfo was given?

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