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okorkie 01-03-2008 01:40 PM

Looking to purchase silent freshwater pump / filter

I have a question regarding a freshwater pump / filter. Six months ago, I installed and purchased a 6' Aussie Aquarium ( This came with a multi-function submersible filter ( - mine didn't come with the wand as in the image). I believe the approximate dimensions of the filter are: L(12") x W(3") x H(3").

The problem with this pump / filter is the pump (aeration or bubbles) part is way too noisy. I end up having to pinch the air intake hose while at home to stop it from aerating the water. When I leave the house, I remove the pinch from the hose.

So I am looking for a replacement filter / pump that is similar in dimensions, but is very quiet when 'blowing' bubbles into the water. Can anybody recommend a nice quiet pump / filter combination? I'm not sure if purchasing a wand (if it's even available), would do the trick?

Thanks in advance, Owen

Oldman47 01-03-2008 08:28 PM

Did your filter come with a plug for the air port? My in tank did and with the air port plugged, you can't hear the filter at all. The bubbles are not necessary for the fish's health, all that you really need is good circulation that includes water flow near the surface. The surface is where almost all the air dissolved in the water comes from. It does not come from the little bubbles that you can see.

okorkie 01-04-2008 01:31 PM

It doesn't appear that a plug came for the air port. If I want to stop air flow (or bubbles) into the tank, I just pinch the tube that is used for the air in-take. Then it will completely stop blowing bubbles into the tank. The problem with this is that it completely shuts off water flow.

I guess I can leave this hose pinched, but the aquarium store that I purchase my supplies from indicated bubbles should be flowing for a couple of hours per day.


Oldman47 01-05-2008 09:31 AM

After you pinch off the air tube, stick a finger in the tank and see if you still have good flow. Unless the air is the thing moving the water, it will still be there. You won't be able to see it because there are no bubbles. If your in tank filter is being run by an air pump, you need to leave the air supply on. I may have misunderstood what kind you have. My in tank filter has a pump and motor with just a side fitting for an air tube to connect.

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