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Lolcat 06-29-2012 06:11 PM

Got my first Farlowella, feeding questions, + SRC health question.
Well i went to this specialty fish store nearby and i saw they had a one time deal stock of farlowella acus(although im not sure that is what species mine is) and i've always wanted one, so i got the healthy looking one and put him with my gouramis and rubber lip pleco. Its been about a week and i havent physically seen him eat. I put hikari algae wafers in every day and they are gone when i wake up in the morning, but i dont know if its the gouramis that eat it or the pleco. So far, the farlowella is sucked onto the glass on the left side of my aquarium and he has stayed on the left side the entire time since i got him. Any advice? Also, i have some pictures of him.

I also have a Striped Raphael Catfish that i've had for a little bit more than a year. And although i dont see him often, he always looked healthy and energetic when i did see him. A few days ago i noticed he had a weird white nick in his side(pic attached) i dont know what it is though. He shares a tank with a 4' oscar and a 4' senegal bichir.

Stomach of my farlowella:

Upclose stomach:

Side of my SRC with the cut, about 1 inch from the eye:

Farther away view of the side with the cut:

Byron 06-30-2012 02:07 PM

I have maintained Farlowella vittata [this is probably the correct species, it is almost always labeled F. acus, see the profile (click the shaded name) for more explanation] for several years and spawned them. They do not like being moved, even from one tank to another in my fish room, and they can take up to several weeks to settle. They also are highly sensitive to water parameters and conditions, as noted in the profile.

They need shade, and lots of surfaces. Plants are basically essential, as this fish naturally grazes every plant leaf for algae and tidbits of microscopic food. This is their main source of food, so make sure you have this. Once they are settled, they usually learn to eat from sinking foods, and they will eat during the day with the other diurnal fish. They are also active at night, but so is your pleco so it might be getting the sinking foods.

The issue with the other fish I will not comment on since i have little if any experience with health problems like this and I will not guess. Hopefully another member will recognize it and be able to offer advice.


Lolcat 07-01-2012 11:17 PM

OK, thank you! I thought about getting Anubias Barteri but. can't find a store nearby that carries it. I have a river nearby that was invaded by anacharis, maybe I could take some from there? Also, if its my pleco that's possibly eating the wafers, could I put the pleco with my Oscar (Oscar was growth stunted by previous owner and has remained 4 inches for over a year)?

Byron 07-02-2012 11:35 AM

I would not recommend putting plants from a local watercourse into the aquarium. They might well carry pathogens, parasites, protozoans, etc that are present in the local watercourse and immune to local fish/plants but would affect aquarium fish and/or plants that are not immune or capable of handling them. Just as one should never do the reverse, put aquarium plants/fish in local watercourses as aquarium diseases can affect local fish/plants that will not be able to handle them.

The BN should be OK with the small Oscar, but observe them to make sure.

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