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boxercrazy156 06-29-2012 03:14 PM

Pond uv sterilzer on aquarium
I am setting up a 120 gallon tank right now and have a submersible uv sterilizer in my current aquarium and have been looking at options for my 120 gallon I had a green water issue in the past and solved it with a uv sterilizer.

When at my lfs today I asked if I could put a turbo twist on my cannister. I had seen a thread on this before but can't find it now, and person at the store told m it would push to much water through, that he would suggest a pond uv sterilzer instead. The bulbs are cheap and you can hook it on your return hose, its good for up to 600 gallons and they are not that expensive I had looked at other uv sterilizers that were really expseive with the replacement bulbs. Just wondering if anyone has done this and what their experience with this was.

Varkolak 07-01-2012 01:53 AM

I havent done it myself but i don't see any reason against using a pond sterilizer in a large aquarium. And depending on the canister you use I'm sure you can find a spiral steralizer that can handle the water flow. Just do some price comparisons based on gph capacity and pick what you feel fits best for what you need it

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