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TheShadyBird 06-29-2012 03:31 AM

Gold Fish Bubble Nest????
In the long 20 gal tank I keep at my parents' house, I have a Black Moor and a Fancy Goldfish(*) (plus 4 small comets). Both are about a year old, and are pretty happy and healthy for the most part. However, when I last went home, Cody (the gold), was making what seemed to be, I kid you not, a bubble nest!
He was actively chewing and spitting out bubbles, and had made a layer around the right side of the tank (furthest away from the filter) about 2 inches deep at the thickest.
He seemed happy and healthy, with really great color and full, flowing fins, while Zach, my moor, was swimming around normally, with no special interest in his best bro.

I'm just really curious, what the heck is he up to? I haven't bothered with trying to sex either of my babies, could this be a sign of maturity?

*actually, looking around at types to make sure I'm identifying my gold right, he might be a Telescope Goldfish, since when I bought Zach and Cody, they were no more than 2 inches long and I thought they were both Black Moors! Cody only just recently finished turning gold from his original black.

fish monger 06-29-2012 08:02 AM

Did a little reading and everything I saw says that the fish is probably trying to get more air. Goldfish need a lot of surface area and 6 in a 20 gallon is really tight. I didn't find any instances of goldfish building nests. They scatter their eggs while swimming rapidly. Try putting an air stone in the tank until you can make other arrangements. Water changes are especially important in this situation. Best of luck.

Olympia 06-29-2012 08:35 AM

Goldfish are carp, not a member of the bubble nesting family. Whatever this is it's not in the interest of love. Maybe it's what the post above says.
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thekoimaiden 06-29-2012 11:16 PM

As Olympia said, goldfish aren't a bubble nesting species. They are egg scatters.

What is probably happening is your goldfish is trying to get more air. That tank is waay overstocked. Goldfish need a minimum of 20 gallons and then another 10 gallons for each additional fish. Your two fancies need a minimum of 30 gallon tank. Comets need even more room (55 gal) and really do best in a pond. For the long-term health of your fish, upgrade your tank. Just because a fish has been surviving in a particular place for a year doesn't mean it is a good place for them to be.

You can read a lot of good information about goldfish here: TFK Gold fish profile

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