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equine731 01-02-2008 01:34 PM

New Babies... Tragedies and Miracles
Ok so new tank updates...

As I stated in a prior post I got a new tank fro my new apartment here in NYC. Bought 2 female mollies (who were already heavily preggo) and 1 male mollie.

Xmas morning female 1 dropped her fry for me. Alittle fishy xmas miracle if you will. On average I could spot about 6 fry at any given time swimming around but Im sure theyre more hiding in the live plants.

So day I woke up to check on the tank and spotted female 2 in the corner hiding under some plants over a pile of half developed eggs...heartbreaking. However I did notice a larger number of visible fry.
As she swam around I did think he was still alittle plump so I decided to keep an eye on her. Poured myself a bowl of cereal and decided to sit back and watch. She continued to deliver a bunch of hald developed eggs but on occasion a few fully developed fry. On occasion on or 2 fry would still have portions of the yolk protruding from their bodies not fully absorbed yet.

My conclusio is perhaps she was holding 2 seperate pregnancies and delivrd both at the same time.

Alas I am pleased that I do have offspring from both of the females and I hope Ill have some survivers make it to adulthood.

The 2 females are dalamation mollies (about 80%white, 20%black spots) The fry's father is ofcourse unknown as I bought them from a fish store with both males and females in the tank so Im excited to see what I get in coloring for the fry. Thus far the first litter are mostly gray in color but atleast 2 are becoming very light almost transparent and one appears to be taking on a yellowish tone. The fry from the second female are ofcourse grayish while some appear to be very dark.

Ill keep you all posted as to what come from all this.

Genetics are a big interest for me so Id love to hear from anyone with mollies whos females have dropped any crazy colored fry or have had fry from a litter who vary greatly in coloring...

Ciao for Now Guys!!


ASmileForOnlyU 01-02-2008 01:40 PM


Take pictures of the little ones when they are bigger if you can :] I love babies!!

rhv430 01-05-2008 02:35 PM

I have had more of a new years miracle. My dalmation molly gave birth a few days ago to about 18+ fry. I couldn't believe it. My husband was equally as surprised because he never fully believed that she was pregnant.

The father is your standard black molly, so the coloring won't be too shocking when they get bigger. I am more excited to see who will develop whose fins since she is a lyretail and he is a sailfin. Unless she was storing sperm... that would change everything. Everything seems to be going well. All the babies have taken to eating the baby food I bought them and I have a screen in the tank seperating them from the gang. Best of luck to you and your new additions- I need to start finding homes for mine as soon as they get big enough.

P.S. I'd post a pic, but my pics are saved as jpeg rather than mpeg

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