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rjordan390 06-25-2012 10:17 AM

Overflow & Syphon Tube
I would like to increase the volume of water of my exiisting 26 gallon fresh water makeup tank to about 40 gallons. I am thinking of purchasing a small trash can of plastic construction to place below the makeup tank. The idea is to pump water from the trash can, up to the makeup tank and then use an overflow with syphon tube at that location to allow water to flow back to the trash can. I also plan to add some Giant Hygrophila to the make up tank because my nitrate results at the tap are 5 ppm.
My makeup water for water exchanges is prepared one week in advance.
Now what is holding me up before I proceed in this idea is that I question whether the overflow can be completly silenced by using a length of airline tubing down the drainhole or whether I need to worry about it at all because the flow will be adjusted to 100 gallons or less per hour. My past experiences with an overflow was when I was in reefkeeping and had a much higher turnover rate from the tank to the sump and I was not completly successful at eliminating the gurgling sound.

My makeup tank is located in my bedroom; hence my concerns about silence.
If you have a simular setup, were you able to silence the gurgling sound?

Tazman 06-26-2012 10:44 PM

Build a DIY overflow or a durso pipe. They are completely silent and will set you back about $10 in PVC.

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