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rahmanyarahman 06-23-2012 09:37 PM

SAE Compatible w/ these guys?
I have two tanks. One is a 20 gal and has only 2 black widow tetras and one mystery tetra which I am not sure what it's called(Looks abit like a neon.) The other tank, a 14 gal, has 2 zebra danios and 1 neon tetra. Both tanks are completely cycled.So...

Tank 20 Gal:
5 black widow tetras
5 mystery tetras
1 red wag swordtail
At least one Siamese algae eater(But can they be kept alone in a tank like this?)

Tank 14 gal:
5 zebra danios
5 neon tetras
At least one siamese algae eater(or could I get more?)

I have plenty of algae on the gravel and rocks so I'm not worried about that part.There's also a lot on my plants.

So...All you SAE experts out there,gimme some advice!!

Varkolak 06-24-2012 12:41 AM

Are your mystery tetras cardinal tetra or black neon tetra? And with SAE you have to remember they get 6 inch's long, that's huge compared to everything else in your tank but I think they can be kept solo so just use your best judgement but myself I wouldn't want a 6 inch fish in either of those tanks its just cruel - adult size will have the bioload of nearly half your current fish

A better choice might be a small shoal of oto catfish in each tank, they stay very small and you wont have alot of the issues a SAE would have

Byron 06-24-2012 07:31 PM

Agree, a SAE would decimate both tanks.

What type of algae is it? Some types will be eaten by some fish, but some will not by any fish. And the best control for algae is to prevent it, which brings me to the light. In planted tanks, the light must balance the available nutrients and if this is achieved, algae wil not be an issue. More data on the light (type, duration) and the specific algae will help us suggest options.


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