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seriosbrad 06-23-2012 03:51 PM

Did my red zebra "cross breed" ?
A little while ago I noticed some fry in my 55 Gallon and one of my Red Zebras was holding. From what I noticed, the red zebra was the only cichlid in my tank that was holding. Most of the fry are now just about an inch, there are 5 that look like red zebras and about 3-4 that are brown with dark brown vertical stripes.

I have two adult red zebras, one is female for certain. Is it possible that my female red zebra spawned with two different male species? Or did two of my female species produce fry without me knowing?

I tried my best to capture some photos but it's not easy with these little guys.

Mystery brown fry

Red Zebra fry:

Here's a video of the tank if you can see any other fish in there that could be the male partner of the zebra let me know, would like to find out what kind of hybrid I have going on if any.

List of cichlid in the tank off the top of my head:
1 bumblebee
2 acei
2 red zebra
1 "brown something" (its in the video)
1 snow white socolofi
1 demasoni
2 electric yellow
1 cobalt blue zebra
1 bristlenose pleco

Unidentified (all in the video)
1 yellow/black blotches
1 light/dark blue with yellow dorsal fin
1 light/dark blue with black dorsal fin

They spawned without me knowing as I didn't have much time to watch my tanks for long periods of time, just water changes. So I'm not sure how many fry hatched in total or if any got eaten or died. No quarantine or sponge filter for the fry, totally unexpected. But the survivors are doing quite well.

Tazman 06-24-2012 09:33 PM

Cannot make out the brown one at all from the video (I suspect it is a hybrid)

Yellow labs and Red Zebra easily crossbreed so it could be any of them, or indeed it could even be the cobalt.

Yellow labs will also if given the chance pretty much breed with anything.

I would not sell, trade, giveaway the fry though keep them for your enjoyment. The fact that they have breed though is a god sign they like the water conditions they are in. The tank is well decorated and gives plenty of hiding places and line of sight breaks.

Keep an eye on the Demansoni though, they can turn aggression on in a heartbeat if they feel like it.

seriosbrad 06-30-2012 05:40 PM

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I sat at the aquarium for like an hour and got some better photos.

When they cross breed, do they come out half and half? Or are they usually all hybrids? Because as I said in my first post, I only saw one of my Red Zebras holding.

Here are the pics of two of the fry, two of my red zebras, and the brown one I was talking about that I am unsure of it's breed.

Tazman 06-30-2012 08:08 PM

Any fish which crossbreeds with another species ie Yellow labs and Red Zebra is classified a hybrid. They will depending on the dominant gene, shows more of being a yellow lab or more orange coloration of a red zebra. The bottom line though is they are still hybrids of mixed bloodlines. This is why you NEVER should sell , trade or giveaway the fry from a crossbred fish. The bloodlines become tainted and in the end you will end up with very few "purebred" fish.

The first brown one is really hard to pinpoint exactly what it is but I am going more on a acei looking at the body shape and fins. The second brown is way too young to tell what it might be. The top two zebra as well are way too yellow to be pure Red Zebra so I am going to suggest they are crossbred hybrids from a yellow lab male and female red zebra.

Baby at the bottom is almost certainly a crossbreed as it looks exactly like my fry when I had them.

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