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jono088 06-21-2012 06:46 AM

Mono Argents transition to salt water.
Hey there!

I have a few questions regarding Mono Argents, and how to transition them to salt water.

I have recently purchased a little baby Mono Argent, who I am keeping in fully fresh water as this was what he was in at the Aquarium I got him from. He's the first Brackish fish I've had, so I'm not 100% certain how to transition him to salt water, like how much to add and such, and when.

On a side note he is on his own which I know is not advised as they like schooling, but the tank isn't overly large and I didn't want to stunt their growth by cramming more in. I am possibly going to upgrade the size very soon, and on advise perhaps I will get another Mono for him to play with!

If I do keep him on his own however, does anyone have any advise on how to get him to come out of his shell? He is very shy at the moment, hides whenever anyone is approaching the tank, and generally won't eat with the light on (or not that I've been able to see).

The good news however is that he did have some nipped fins when I got him that he has fully grown back, and when the lights are off and he doesn't know I'm watching, he eats like a little piggy!

Let me know your advise! Thankyou for your time!


Reefing Madness 06-21-2012 10:32 AM

For full marine, or salt water. Mix up a batch of salt water at 1.025, don't know what size tank you have, but you will need at least that much. Drip acclimate the tank or bucket you put him in for acclimation, the drips should be about 3-4 drips per second, and it will take about 3-4 hours to complete the process.

Jason4390 06-23-2012 04:40 AM

I myself have succesfully acclimated several fish from freshwater to brackish of about 1.010 SG. I do it a little different. I think accimation from full fresh to full marine in the course of a few hours is EXTREMELY too fast. I have a tank just for acclimation that I keep at 1.002 SG when it is empty and waiting for use. I'll run a drip hose from the tank to a bucket with a small heater and the new fish (with plenty of water from the LFS it came from) for a few hours till the water has about quadrupled (x4). Then with weekly water changes (I use full saltwater as the replacement water) I bring the SG up about 1.002 SG a week. So I started at 1.002, 2nd week will be 1.004, 3rd week/water change and it will be at 1.006, etc. Do this until you have reached the wanted SG. But, if this is your main display, or you have only other fish that can adapt to brackish conditions just do the water changes with the increasing salinity. But, in my case it will be the SG that my main display is at... Which I can speed this up by lowering the SG of my main tank slightly in the same manner, since most brackish water fish can withstand gradual salinity changes. Pick you up an extra 10g setup (which I use) and this way has worked flawlessly for me, and a good way to add brackish fish later on when your main tank is established and the current residents need tankmates! Message me if you have any questions, or just let me know how it goes!!!

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