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lindseysimpson 01-01-2008 07:12 AM

Help for a newbie, anyone?
Hi everyone, I'm just starting out with my first tank, and I've got a few questions. Details about the tank are in my tank blurb...My first question: I don't have a specific interest in breeding bettas, but I do have a male and female betta (et. al) in my 10-gal. tank. I was just wondering if they would eventually breed, even if I don't do the styrofoam cup thing and the breeding net thing. (P.S. The bettas don't even seem to realize that each other exists...) Also, I'm wondering if my two girl platies could be pregnant...I don't see the "gravid spot", but there is an area above their anal fins that is reddish in color...also, inside this area, I see maybe 5-6 tiny black dots (fry eyes, possibly?) But again, neither seems anywhere near fat enough to be pregnant...should I keep hoping to see little ones? What do you think??? Oh, and one more thing...what do ya'll think about my tankmates?? The male platy and male betta have lived together in a 1-gal. bowl for a month or so, then I moved them to my new 10-gal tank (a Christmas gift) on Christmas Day.They're the best of pals...I added the two female platies and the female betta on Dec. 29. Amazingly enough, I've seen VERY little aggression. We're one happy fish family. Is this weird for these types of fish? Just wondering... Thanks! Any help is greatly appreciated!

herefishy 01-01-2008 08:41 AM

First of all, welcome to the forum. I hope you will enjoy our clan and participate. Learning, teachng, and having fun is what weare all about.

To answer your questions, I will try to do so in the order they were asked. All fish have the opportunity to breed in the aquarium, including bettas. However, there are some things you may want to consider. Betta males are very hard on the females when the female is not ready to breed and he is. You may want to add 1-2 more females so that he has a choice from which to pick. This will help to keep the females in better shape since he may drive them so hard that injury or death may occur if only one female is present.

If you are seeing "little eyes" in the abdomen of your female platys, There is a very god chance that young platys will be in your shortly.

As for tank population, if you have a birthday close by, you may want to ask for a larger tank as a present. The 10g tank has been the staple starter tank for years, but it is a little on the smallish side and can present a myriad of problems. Many of these problems tend to disenchant the new fish keeper and lead them away from the hobby. These smaller tanks need more maintainence, more regular water changes, and they tendancy to have highly accelerated problems arise. They are also very limited in size and do not allow for a lot of fish to be housed in them, thus limiting the numbers and types of fish you can keep. My choice as the best beginner tank is the venerable 29g. So, if possible get a larger tank when you can. (I want to throw in a note here. It has been documented that up to 70% of fish keepers add a larger tank within the first 6 months in the hobby.)

As a new fishkeeper, there will be alot to learn. The most important lesson is patience. The second most important lesson is patience. And the third is patience.

crazy4fish 01-01-2008 03:18 PM

i agree with herefishy with pretty much everything. even if you dont want to breed bettas you should get at least one more female so that your male wont just chase and hurt the opne you have. i had a betta pair that did this and it wasnt fun. :cry: i also think that your platies are most likely pregnant. im not sure if this is correct but i heard somewhere that guppies are the only ones where you can see the gravid spot. i had mollies that were pregnant and they didnt have the spot. so if you or anyone knows the answer i would like to know because i also have platies that i want to breed and i would like to know when they are pregnant. :wink: thanks. and herefishy is definatly right about getting a bigger tank not only so that the fish have personal space but also becuase you will want many more fish once you get going. trust me. i started with a small tank and now have a 29 gal. tank. and i still want a bigger one! but i have to say, it is pretty impressive that your male betta and male platy dont fight. good for you!! :D

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