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vicdad999999 06-17-2012 09:33 PM

skunk botia issue
have a 55 galon, with 11 skunks, 7 lohachata botias. rest of tank is feeder guppies. i bought 6 otto cats for a slight algae issue, put them in 2 week quaranteen, added them to tank, the skunks were like sharks, swarmed em ate em. like within 5 minutes. the tank is heavily planted and heavily rocked plenty of hiding spaces.really heavily. dont want to rip evwerything out but never thought skumks would be that aggressive. Dont want a pleco or algae eater , is there anyhting that can withstand a skunk assault and thrive on the algae issue im having? its only on wood not on glass or rocks. I have 6 pieces of mopni and one giant soft piece of pine (aged im 42 been using it since i was a kid) about 4 feet by 6 inches thick at most. All the wood has a slight green grwoth on it . I do water changes every 3 days, ph is always over 8.0, very hard water. Im on a well. while i kmow i should try and find the issue of the algae problem, its an established tank of over 4 years. aside from the otto nothing has changed aside from the algae, filters are 2 aquaclear 500s and a powerhead on sponge filter in bottom of tank. No nitrate, no ammonia. Are skunks this aggressive by nature?

jaysee 06-17-2012 09:41 PM

Yes, skunk loaches are normally that aggressive.

There are A LOT of loaches in that tank......

Byron 06-22-2012 12:00 PM

Agree, you can read more in the profile, click on Botia hora. The GH and pH can also ipact behaviours, making aggression worse.

I am rather surprised the Botia almorhae [this is the correct name for what was once known as Botia lohachata as it explains in our profile] is not being targetted. That could happen.

Plants are not mentioned, but if there are no plants, I would let the algae go; it is not harmful and achieves what plants do, though much less significantly than plants, and that is using nutrients and producing oxygen.

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