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Varkolak 06-16-2012 05:40 AM

Bubble nest?
I have 5 honey gourami 2 males 3 females, I got them 2 days ago... There is no aeration in this tank and the filter is on the opposite side...Is this a bubble nest and if so is it just a practice nest or when they make one does it mean for sure they are going to spawn?

All the way zoomed in with my phone because of course its at the very back of the aquarium, this is roughly 1/2-2 inches and circular. The male just kinda pushed the other male that swam 5 inches under it away.

Can anyone tell me anything about honey gourami spawning if this is what i think it is? That same male was also following a female around but i think these guys are way too young

dlambert 06-16-2012 08:42 AM

"The males of honey gourami have beautiful [COLOR=black !important][COLOR=black !important]bright [COLOR=black !important]orange[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]-yellow color. The females are plain, have slightly shaded brownish orange body with a silvery fluorescent glow. They prefer aquariums with some thickly planted areas and with some open swimming areas. They usually eat anything you provide them with. These fish are moderately easy to breed, though a little more difficult than the dwarf gourami. For a pair, prepare a 40-liter aquarium without air stone or filter. The male will build a large bubble nest. The eggs will when laid float up into the bubble nest, where the male will guard over them until they hatch and the fry becomes free swimming, which is when he should be removed. The female should be removed right after spawning. "

just pulled that off a might get eggs but i know bettas do this even when a female isnt around to lay the eggs.. i'm sure the male who made the nest wasn't just doing it for fun, but i guess there is never a guarantee with animals.. from reading, you might have issues with the dad and other fish being left in with the little guys

fish monger 06-16-2012 12:02 PM

Is that picture taken from above and are the bubbles at the surface ? If so, it could be the start of a bubble nest. Otherwise, I'd say no. They are usually more roundish and at least the size of a silver dollar and at the surface.

Varkolak 06-16-2012 03:55 PM

It was a below water pic of bubbles at the surface, i looked above and they looked the same, both my males are starting to get black cheeks and bellies, these are Golden Honey Gourami (also called red honey) so the color matches, the females are yellow with a brown stripe through their eye and the males are yellow with red fins with cheeks and bellies black speckled(no speckles when i bought them)This tank is fully planted and the only other occupant is a bristle nose, I think I have 1 female larger then the others who might be working on some eggs but I cant be sure.. In 2 days I'll have dwarf water lettuce to add with them

Also they seem to not like my flake food so I started giving them some old beta food that is too big for them, any advice on specific types of food? ie tetra circles and all that? I was trying wardleys tropical flake because i have a big can of it for my community tank but they barely pick at it and then end up browsing the plants for food

Varkolak 06-19-2012 10:42 PM

Ok now I'm 100% sure the larger of my males is making the bubble nest, it has grown to be a large rectangle on the surface towards the back of the tank roughly 2in by 8in and I've seen him go to the driftwood, eat some fuzz, then go back and spit out 20-30 bubbles into his next, right now hes chasing even the females away from the nest so I don't think hes ready yet, his black breeding mask has spread more but oddly he isn't aggressive towards the other male only the females and the opposite is happening with the females, as i wrote this 2 females froze for 5 seconds or so in a mexican standoff then circled each other almost like they were trying to nip each others tails and then the smaller one ran off. So is there anything I should do to encourage their breeding or just let them have at it? I'm hoping that the male will fertilize the eggs and i can just put a floating plastic container in under the bubbles to catch the fry when they become free swimming and then set up a little walmart tank for them

Any advise, experience, opinions are appreciated

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