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assualt911 12-30-2007 01:00 PM

Lake malawi territorial question
i have $63 and i have 4 lake malawi cichlids in already. would they get territorial if a added $63 worth of cichlids, medium size? trust me ik these ones are very territorial when i added 2 oscars and they lasted for a day... :(

herefishy 12-31-2007 12:30 AM

I think you answered your own question. I don't know the size of your tank, as you did't tell us. But if oscars didn't make it, do you really think anything else will?

assualt911 01-08-2008 04:42 PM

idk everyone says im better off with bottom dwellers or lake malawis. because lake malawis are friendly to there own but i just was wondering. i tried to move every thing around to try and trick my malawis but it didnt work. i going tonight to get the fish after dinner. it should work. ill update everyone tonight till tomarrow and tell you guy how it goes! i have a 55 gallon tank btw. ill upload some more pics later :).

herefishy 01-09-2008 11:38 PM

I don't know who "everyone" is, but their advice couln't be any further from the truth. African cichlids, whether Malawian, Tangnyikan, Victorian, or any of the other Rift Lakes, can be some of the most territorial and aggressive fish in the hobby.

When cichlidphiles say that a cichlid is not aggressive, they are speaking in terms of relatively. They are meaning, they are not aggressive in cichlid terms, which could mean anything from mildly aggressive to semi aggressive. Usually they mean that they will not usually kill all other fish in the tank.

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